Vacca secures over $1 million for school technology

Maria Sciortino, staff developer, principal Ronald Rivera, Councilman Jimmy Vacca, and Linda O’Carroll, assistant principal grades 6 thru 8, along with BELL program students Wei-Cheng Lin, 8, Juan Saavedra, 10, and Lizabeth Amay, 8 gather at P.S. 89. Photo by Victor Chu

Councilman Jimmy Vacca provided over $ 1 million in funding to help improve ten schools in his district.

Vacca made a special appearance to P.S. 89, located 980 Mace Avenue, on Friday, January 23, to announce the new renovations and improvements made possible through the grant, including a new mobile science cart for P.S. 89.

“One of the things we try to do is give the schools resources that they normally don’t get,” said Vacca. “The kids have to start to have an appreciation for science from the lower grades.”

This is the second time Vacca is contributing to P.S. 89. He provided funds last year for the school’s library renovation.

Other schools benefiting from the $ 1,005,000 technology-base grant are I.S. 192, M.S. 181, P.S. 105, P.S. 10, M.S. 101, P.S. 96, P.S. 108, P.S. 175, and P.S. 72, each receiving money for their unique needs, which can include the addition of SMART Boards, auditorium improvements, library renovations, or general technology upgrades.

P.S. 89 students from the Building Education Leaders for Life program, who will also benefit from the schools mobile science labs, joined principal Ronald Rivera to extend their appreciation for the improvements made possible through their own $ 60,000 grant.

“The equipment we have is significantly outdated and our facilities don’t’ work,” said Rivera. “Mr. Vacca is providing us with a fully operational and much needed mobile science lab for our lower grades, to enhance their interest.”

This is just one of the many improvements P.S. 89 will be seeing within the next year.

Assemblywoman Naomi River donated 30 computers and the Department of Education another 25, which will be secured to desks for student use.

Additionally, Rivera added, the School Construction Authority will add a stationary science lab and schoolyard renovations, making the school an excellent environment for its students.

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