Two Northwest Bronx Post Offices up for potential closure

Mailing a letter may not longer be as easy as licking a stamp and heading down to the post office for northwest Bronx residents soon.

The potential closure of two post offices in Norwood and Bedford Park has caused some concern for residents and elected officials.

The post offices being considered for closure by the U.S. Post Office are the Botanical Gardens Post Office at 2963 Webster Avenue and Van Cott Post Office at 3102 Decatur Avenue.

Senator Gustavo Rivera spoke out about the potential post office closures in the 33rd Senate District on Monday, March 12.

Rivera has launched an online community survey for residents of the area, asking for members of the community to answer questions about their post office usage.

“With two post offices being targeted in the same community, I am concerned that if these post offices do close, it will be a burden for the disabled and elderly,” said Senator Rivera. “But there is still plenty of time for individuals in the community to voice their concerns and to save these local post offices. Last week, my office sent a survey by mail to residents of the northwest Bronx that would be most impacted by the closures in the Bedford Park and Norwood area. We have already gotten hundreds of surveys back and are encouraging residents of the 33rd Senate District to take this quick survey by mail or online.”

Some of the questions included on the survey inquired about where residents homes are located, which local post office they frequently use, what types of services they use the post office for, and if the post office were to close, in what types of ways would it inconvenience them.

The post offices are scheduled to announce their decision of which stations will be closed on May 15.

Rivera and his office will be collecting the community surveys until Friday, April 20 and will then report the results to the post office as well as to the general public.

To visit the survey given to Norwood residents please visit: The survey can be viewed in Spanish at:

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