Traffic calming on East Tremont response to senior’s death

Traffic calming on East Tremont response to senior’s death
(l-r) Sergeant Leon McGuire, TNMA vice president Ed Angelino, TNMA treasurer and past president John Cerini, and police officers Hannah Rahn, Lesya Zazdravnaya and Neil Anderson survey the street calming area.
Community News Group / Steven Goodstein

On the second anniversary of a pedestrian’s death a traffic calming initiative was launched by the 45th Precinct.

On Wednesday, October 21, the precinct, along with the Throggs Neck Merchants Association, held the action at East Tremont and Whittemore/Puritan avenues, at the location where 74-year old Angel Figueroa was struck by three cars and killed.

The traffic calming involved several police officers from the 45th Precinct and members of the TNMA distributing flyers to drivers on both sides of East Tremont Avenue who drove by.

The flyer, headlined ‘One Death On Our Streets Is Too Many – Slow Down’, reminded motorists of the new 25 MPH speed limit in New York City unless otherwise posted and related the tragic incident that took Figueroa’s life in 2013.

Traffic statistics on the flyer pointed out that 4,000 New Yorkers are seriously injured and more than 250 are killed each year in traffic incidents.

Pedestrians who are struck by vehicles traveling at 25 MPH are half as likely to die of their injuries as pedestrians who are struck by vehicles at 30 MPH.

“The traffic calming itself was held to keep the community mindful of NYC’s traffic laws and to remind them that when these laws aren’t followed, tragic instances can occur, such as the one that took place at this location two years,” said Ed Angelino, vice president of the TNMA.

“This traffic calming was a response to the unfortunate event that took place here and was held not just to remind motorists, but also pedestrians, that they must obey all traffic laws so we (the community) can decrease these instances and hopefully reduce that number to zero,” said John Cerini, TNMA treasurer, who also passed out flyers to motorists.

“Drivers going the speed limit and pedestrians walking within the lines of the crosswalk are two steps we can take to make our lives safer.”

“I applaud Mayor de Blasio for his traffic calming initiatives through Vision Zero because it increases awareness on this issue,” said Assemblyman Michael Benedetto. “Vehicles can be killing machines and there are too many people who drive over the speed limit and ignore other traffic regulations in NYC. As we know, the end result of instances involving motorists who don’t obey these laws can be deadly for the pedestrian and the driver.”

Figueroa had parked his car on East Tremont Avenue. As he was crossing the street, he was struck by a red Dodge SUV traveling northbound.

He was then hit by two more cars before hitting the street, ironically, under a 25 MPH speed sign.

He was pronounced dead at the scene from severe body trauma.

Community Board 10 was also involved in the initiative.

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