Traffic calming in Pelham Bay

Traffic calming signage installed in Pelham Bay at a speeding and accident-prone highway exit will make a stretch of the Hutch service road and Pelham Parkway South safer claims the NYC Department of Transportation.

Chevrons, arrows that alert motorists that there is a turn in the road, were installed off exit 3E on Hutchinson River Parkway service road where it turns into Pelham Parkway South near Mayflower Avenue and East 197th Street. The sings were installed by city DOT.

The chevrons, along with a 25-mile-per-hour speed limit sign visible as motorists exit the offramp were installed at the urging of Senator Jeff Klein after DOT reports showed most motorists were travelling at 40 miles-per-hour at the sharp turn.

In addition, there will be markings added to narrow the roadway because speeding traffic from the highway off-ramp often caused crashes, sometimes damaging or totaling cars parked along the service road, said Anita Valenti, vice-president of the Pelham Bay Taxpayers Association.

“This area was a high- speed shortcut for many motorists at the expense of Pelham Bay residents and their safety,” Klein said. “I am pleased that the Department of Transportation, and borough commissioner Moran in particular, listened to our concerns and came up with constructive solutions to this problem.”

Klein also requested plastic ballards known as “quick curbs” and additional signage on the exit itself be installed. The service roads serve as a connection for cars exiting the Parkway to reach I-95 and Co-op City. Over the past two years, Klein’s requested numerous types of speed calming devices for the location.

Cars often come off the highway at excessive speeds, and have hit cars parked along the Hutch service road and on Pelham Parkway South many times, Valenti said.

“I have been fighting for this for 25 years, after someone hit my husband’s parked car and just kept going,” Valenti said. “I am glad that they have posted a sign near the exit showing that the speed limit is 25-miles-per-hour, because Exit 3E goes directly into our community.”

Drivers of cars coming off the highway need to realize that they are coming into populated, residential streets with slower speed limits, Valenti said. She thanked Klein and the city DOT.

“After years of us requesting that something be done to curb excessive speeding in this area, we are grateful that Senator Klein and commissioner Moran have acted,” Valenti said.

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