Top businessmen honored at premier Kings of the Bronx virtual event next week

Alfredo Angueira, one of the honorees at the Kings of the Bronx 2020.
Photo by Jewel Webber

Schneps Media in collaboration with the Bronx Times and the Bronx Times Reporter will soon honor businessmen in the Bronx at the Kings of the Bronx 2020 event on Sept. 17.

In addition, the virtual event will also serve as a vital networking opportunity to connect like-minded men at “The Ultimate Networking Event.”

“After 10 years of honoring the power women of the Bronx, it gives me great pleasure to celebrate and recognize the successful men who make a positive impact in our community,” said Laura Guerriero, publisher of the Bronx Times. “These exceptional men share a vision as leaders, contributors and mentors, and truly lead by example.”

Among the distinguished gentlemen being honored are Hiriam Torres, vice president of Bronx Care, Alfredo Angueira, owner of Bronx Drafthouse, Beatstro and Bricks and Hops and Anthony Mormille, senior vice president Orange Bank and Trust.

Torres, 48, grew up in Soundview and is proud to work in a hospital that serves the poorest congressional district in the country. He expressed gratitude to Schneps Media for honoring him amongst so many successful men.

His mom, Miriam, was a nurse at the hospital, so Torres wanted to follow in her footsteps.

“My job is 24/7. I’m on call all of the time,” he said. “It meant a lot to me to work at the hospital.”

According to Torres, the past six months of COVID-19 have been the toughest Bronx Care has endured. But, the staff persevered and things are headed in a positive direction.

“I never want to go through that again,” Torres said. “We were not prepared for that much death.”

On a brighter note, Bronx Care is in the process of building a large cancer center that would rival a facility in Manhattan.

“The hospital has been my life,” he said. “The community’s been very important to me.”

Mormille, who was born and raised on Arthur Avenue, is looking forward to opening the first bank in the Bronx in a decade. As Amalgamated and Chase have recently closed on Burnside Ave., he hopes this will start a new trend. In December, Orange Bank and Trust will open at 1973 Williamsbridge Rd.

“We’re going to take advantage of the lack of community banks in the market,” Mormille said.

The Bronx native joined the industry at 19 and 35 years later is still in it.

“It feels great to be honored because all the people that are being honored are people I look up to,” he said. “They made a difference in the Bronx and I’m hoping I can make a difference too.”

Anguiera, 44, who spent several years in working for the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation, transitioned to restaurants four years ago. He partnered up with Junior Martinez and Willie Colon and the trio have been quite successful.

“I always wanted to own my own business, so I could have my own time,” he said. “That’s a misnomer.”

Although he is still new to the industry, the three eateries have thrived during COVID-19.  He provided thousands of meals to first responders, which has helped him stay afloat.

The Co-op City native and Riverdale resident said sometimes he misses politics, but there is nothing like working in restaurants. Anguiera noted he felt privileged to be recognized among men who have had such an impact on the borough.

“There’s a phrase, “adapt or die” and unless you are willing to adapt quickly, 2020 is going to take us all,” he said.

Kings of the Bronx 2020 is on Thursday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. To learn more, or to be an exhibitor, call 718-260-4581 or email

The following is a list of all the sponsors and honorees at this year’s inaugural event:


  • Food Bazaar Supermarket
  • Bronx Net
  • Metro Optics
  • Trucco


  • Ed Randall, Special Guest/Emcee
  • Kevin Alicea, Owner, Havana Cafe
  • Alfredo Angueira, Owner, Bronx Drafthouse
  • Daniel Barber, President, Jackson Houses Resident Inc.
  • Michael Brady, Executive Director, Third Avenue Business Improvement District
  • Juan Cantillo, Senior Facilities Manager, Citymeals on Wheels
  • John Cerini, CEO, Bronx Tax Man
  • Joseph Coleman, President, Ritecheck
  • Bernard Cylich, 1st VP Board of Directors, Riverbay Corporation
  • Fernando Fuentes, President and Wealth Management Advisor, Fuentes Wealth Management
  • LeShan Gaulman, COO, Barrier Free Living
  • Warren Golden, COO, Citywide Mobile Response
  • Angelo Gonzalez, Broker, Core Realty
  • Stephen Kaufman, Founder, Stephen B. Kaufman P.C.
  • Keith Kinch, General Manager and Co-founder, BlocPower
  • Ottis Lewis, Senior Production and Inventory Manager, Citymeals on Wheels
  • Peter Madonia, President, Madonia Bakery
  • Franco Marciano, Senior Director of Operations, Ensign Engineering, P.C.
  • Rocco Miano, Assistant General Manager, Pelham Bay & Split Rock Golf Courses
  • Anthony Mormile, Senior Commercial Loan Officer, Orange Bank & Trust Company
  • Hawk Newsome, Chairman, Black Lives Matter of Greater New York
  • David Nussenbaum, Director, Bronx Arts Ensemble
  • Edison Ortega, Sr. VP, COO, CIO & CISO, Spring Bank
  • Dan Padernacht, Attorney, Padernacht Law. P.C.
  • Greg Perry, Owner, Crown Trophy Inc
  • Eliezer Rodriguez, CEO, Bronx-Manhattan North Association of Realtors
  • Robert Rodriguez, SVP/Biz. Banking Market Mgmt., JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Tony Rodriguez, Owner & Operator, Toli Management McDonald’s
  • Daniel Romanoff, President, Nebraskaland
  • Mitch Rose, CEO, The Woodlawn Cemetery
  • Stanley Schlein, Attorney
  • Marco Shalma, Founder, Round Seven Media
  • Calvin Thomas, President, PostNet
  • Hiram Torres,VP of Operations, BronxCare Health System
  • Steven A. Tsavaris, Executive Chairman, Ponce Bank and PDL Community Bancorp
  • Anthony Watson, Executive Director, State University of New York Manhattan Educational Opportunity Center
  • Taner Yigiter, Proprietor, Mama Sushi
  • Dr. Douglas York, CEO, Union Community Health Center

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