Today Realty makes computer donation to Allerton senior program

Seniors at a local day program will be enjoying computers once again, despite some Grinches and thanks to some Santas.

A thief or thieves who broke into the senior program at the Allerton Avenue Home Owner and Tenants Association’s senior program last spring, stole the computer that seniors used to send e-mails to family members, play virtual games, or surf the internet.

Then in stepped three Santa’s helpers, not only replacing the stolen computer, but adding another one to boot, so to speak.

Ben Buccieri and his son Vincent of Morris Park’s Today Realty at 1934 Williamsbridge Road donated two Dell computers to the Allerton center on Thursday, Dec. 20.

“It is a question of giving back to the community,” said Ben Buccieri. “Given all the tenants association has been doing for seniors, we felt that this was a way of showing our appreciation.”

Allerton Home Owner and Tenant Association senior program assistant Connie Verutes said that attendees use computers to learn basic word processing and play a variety of games, including 101-year-old Amelia McCann.

The spring computer theft capped off a run of bad luck hitting the senior program at 1415 Allerton Avenue, as similar smaller senior centers like this one and larger ones face budget cuts from their funding sources in government and elsewhere thanks to the ongoing economic downturn.

The Allerton senior program has seen a reduction in hours, as well as loss of transportation services for the seniors, said program director Nick Conciatori.

That makes the gift of the two desktop computers even more special this holiday season.

“In order to make up for the one we lost, these computers are very important to us,” said Conciatori.

“People come in to use the computers and interact with one another. Anything we get in the way of donations is really helpful, and Today Realty was gracious enough to donate these.”

Since Today Realty, a family owned business is celebrating its 50th anniversary, maintains close business ties to Morris Park and Allerton, the donation simply made sense.

“When you reflect on how little they have to work with, as a business in the community we thought we should try to step up and offer our services,” said Vincent Buccieri.

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