Throggs Neck Little League seeking financial help

Players in the Throggs Neck Little League
Photos courtesy of Mike Marano

After having its season cancelled last year for the first time in its 69-year history, the Throggs Neck Little League needs financial assistance from the community.

That is why in January it launched a GoFundMe to offset the money it lost in 2020. However, with just $9,000 raised, the TNLL is hoping more people will lend a helping hand.

Mike Marano is a board member of the TNLL and is in charge of fundraising. He explained that anyone who registered for the league last year will be credited for this season. But, that is still money that will not be coming this spring. Also, due to COVID-19, the league did not hold its annual carnival last May and there was no summer camp at the fields either.

Mike Marano and his son Michael

Adding to the problem is the fact that they are in debt of about $20,000 to Con Edison.

“It’s (lack of money) making it real tough to do things,” Marano explained. “That’s why we set up the GoFundMe.”

Throggs Neck Little League field

Marano told the Bronx Times Con-Ed is working with the league on a way to pay down the debt, but  the league is still strapped for cash. He pointed out that typically restaurants and organizations pay to be sponsors, but as there was no season last year, that did not occur.

While the league is tentatively set to begin May 1, Marano is cautiously optimistic that things will be okay. So far 350 to 400 people have registered and the carnival is set to happen as well.

“I think a lot of businesses will come back to sponsoring us again,” he stated. “We’re here to stay. We’re going to continue to put out a quality product for the community and kids.”

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