Throggs Neck Community Action Partnership

As Throggs Neck prepares for the holiday season with community festivities and colorful lights brightening up Tremont Avenue, we want to ensure everyone’s safety and health, especially our children. TNCAP is grateful for the support of local residents who have brought to our attention that some businesses are selling alcohol to minors. It is our intention to work with the Throggs Neck Merchant’s Association to support and promote those businesses who comply with the law. We realize the number of businesses who violate the law are a small group; however, it only takes one time to cause serious harm.

TNCAP wants to publically thank Senator Klein and his office for their efforts to address this community concern and inviting the State Liquor Authority (SLA) to our November meeting. SLA Commissioner Noreen Healey and Deputy Chief Executive Officer Michael E. Jones, Esq. answered important questions raised by coalition members:

(1) Are alcohol trainings mandated for those businesses that have violations? Training is not mandated. SLA has in the past offered trainings and currently TNCAP offers trainings twice a year.

(2) What does it take to suspend the license of an establishment for serving underage? Each sale to minors is a minimum $2,000 fine. In the last 12 months the SLA terminated 15 licenses in the Bronx and suspended four. If the violations are in rapid succession it takes three violations. After suspension the next step is for the board to meet on whether they should revoke the license.

(3) What can a citizen do if they know of an establishment that sells to minors? Contact 311 (if not a crime in progress) or 911 (for a crime in progress), call the precinct, contact the Merchant’s Association and make a complaint to SLA directly (

In the future Senator Klein will be working with TNCAP to provide low cost scanners to local businesses. For further information on the TIPS trainings, contact Julia Geronimo at (718) 904-1333, ext. 28. We also want to thank Community Board #10 for their efforts as the liaison between the community and SLA.

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