Robin Hood awards The Thinkubator a Program Grant to support young adults transition to employment

The Thinkubator received a grant from Robin Hood to support its internship and employment program.
Courtesy of Facebook

The Thinkubator, a Bronx-based nonprofit announced Friday that Robin Hood, NYC’s largest poverty fighting organization, awarded The Thinkubator a grant to support internships and the connection to employment upon completion of the internship.

The Thinkubator will focus on helping New York City and in particular the Bronx recover from the economic impact of COVID-19 by placing young adults in a training environment with the goal of employment and/or to further their education.

“The Thinkubator is excited about this opportunity to support the recovery of New York City and to provide work-based learning experiences to young adults ” said Dr. Edward Summers, president and CEO of The Thinkubator. “This funding will support, train, and help young adults transition to permanent full-time work and/or post-secondary educational opportunities. This is critical to helping the Bronx and New York City recover from the impact of COVID-19.”

Robin Hood’s program grant will provide 100 young adults with internship placement, health and wellness support during the internship, academic and career counseling, and support to transition into work and/or post-secondary education.

“Coming out of more than a year of distance learning and forced to face the harsh realities coming to light in our city and nation, the youth of The Bronx are amped up and ready to learn as much as they can to make a difference in their communities,” said Luna Bella Avila, youth and alumni engagement specialist from The Thinkubator, who will be spearheading the program. “The programs at The Thinkubator will give those young adults the tools and best practices to make things happen.  We’re excited to be given these resources to serve even more Bronx youth and believe our program can be a model for how an equitable recovery should look like, starting with the youth of the Bronx” said Max Rusike-Griffith, Assistant Director of The Thinkubator. “