The Living Room offers unique, new community event space in Throggs Neck neighborhood

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Deborah Wong, Desiree Sanchez and Jason Robinson have recently opened The Living Room, an unorthodox new event space in Throggs Neck.
Photo courtesy Deborah Wong

When Deborah Wong, Desiree Sanchez and Jason Robinson congregate, they know they can make anything happen. The trio has been working together for a decade, first in Human Resources at a health care organization and now as co-owners of The Living Room, a new event, meeting and coworking space. 

But if you ask what The Living Room is, they’ll tell you it’s a canvas. 

“Tell me what you want and I’ll tell you what I can make happen,” says Sanchez. 

The Living Room, which opened for bookings this month, is located in Throggs Neck and is composed of a front seating area with a table for small meetings, another seating zone equipped with a TV and couches, and a large back area with tables and chairs.

Many businesses closed their brick and mortar locations as much of the world shifted online during the height of the pandemic. Now as businesses reassess their needs, having a physical space to meet is no longer a necessity. The Living Room caters to these businesses that may need a place to host a meeting or event. They offer Wi-Fi, projector screens, surround sound and video conferencing.

“In the pandemic, our lives have become blended,” Sanchez says. “Our business and personal lives have become blended, and that’s what the space is – it’s here for business needs or personal needs.” 

Clients are expected to follow the New York state COVID-19 protocols in effect the day of their event as guidelines shift with the changing nature of the pandemic.

The Living Room fashions itself as a one of a kind meeting place; in it sits a huge bounce house for kids’ birthday parties. Photo courtesy Deborah Wong

It is important to the trio that The Living Room feels cozy and welcoming to the neighborhood rather than a plain room with no personality. From kids’ parties with an indoor bounce house, to decorated baby and bridal showers, to formal business meetings, the cozy space along Dill Place can transform to meet the needs of nearly any clientele.

“People are antsy, people are looking for places to get together,” says Sanchez.

Sanchez is a lifelong resident of Throggs Neck with her whole extended family living in the neighborhood. For her, creating a resource for her community is a goal she’s had for a long time.

“My radius is important to me — I literally live six blocks away,” says Sanchez. “I want to be where I live to make sure the environment I’m creating benefits the community.”

Robinson is also a lifelong Bronxite, while Wong hails from Bay Ridge but has lived in the Bronx for more than 20 years.

Wong sees herself as the operations expert, with Robinson leading strategy and Sanchez as a community centered visionary. They work simultaneously as self-described chosen family and as professionals whose individual strengths create a balanced force. In their prior work in Human Resources, they excelled in promoting employee engagement. In this new endeavor, they plan to continue growing the business they have been planning for more than a year. The Living Room is a longtime coming and here to welcome Bronxites through its doors.

Formal events like bridal and baby showers can be hosted at The Living Room. Photo courtesy Deborah Wong

Wong and Sanchez say they are already in the planning stages of blood drives, food drives and training opportunities for local high schoolers.

“We’re celebrating the community, but we’re also looking to do things to give back as well,” says Sanchez.  “Being called The Living Room is on purpose – it’s truly an extension of your home.”

Located at 2883 Dill Place, The Living Room is wheelchair and stroller accessible. To learn more about The Living Room, you can check out their website at, call 347-293-5621 or stop by their storefront Monday through Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. or weekends through the end of March from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

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