Students bring ideas to life on MP mural

Winners of Senator Jeff Klein's "Best of Morris Park" poster contest came together on Saturday, June 2 to put their poster ideas on a wall under an overpass leading into the neighborhood.
Photo by Cecil Longmore

The history of Morris Park will now be a permanent fixture – on a local wall.

And graffiti vandals needn’t bother to mess with it.

Winners of Senator Jeff Klein’s “Best of Morris Park” poster contest are bringing their ideas to life on an outdoor mural.

The wall, located on an overpass between Bronxdale and E. Tremont avenues, has a lengthy history of being prone to graffiti and vandalism.

Rather than a welcome, it has served as an eyesore at the entryway to the community.

Themes for the mural will include a portrait of the old Morris Park racetrack, a portrait of P.S. 83 and one of the Morris Park Columbus Day parade.

Students Anthony and Josephy DellCamera of St. Clare of Asisi will be painting the “Best of Morris Park” text along the wall.

In addition to the artwork added to the wall by students, a protective coating will also be painted over the finished product to preserve it for years to come.

The protective coating will also block further graffiti from damaging the mural, said Klein, explaining that local residents will now be able to simply clean any future graffiti with a rag and cleaning solution.

The students, worked alongside an artist funded through the Bronx Council of Arts to recreate their poster concepts.

They began working on the mural on Saturday, June 2.

Klein was joined by community merchants and educational leaders.

“Our Morris Park mural is finally coming into focus,” Klein said. “I’m extremely pleased that the graffiti and vandalism is being removed and our children’s creative artwork will instead take its place. I thank all of our partners in the community for helping make this happen.”

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