St. Ray’s High School for Boys Summer Service

(l-r) Top-performing seniors Hector Guzman, Yiovanni Cintron, Timothy Sanchez, Ruben Guilfuchi, Kamhani Mcleod, Alexis Santana, Tshepiso Mcleod, Paul Thomas, Matthew McKay and Veton Gjonbalaj stand outside of St. Anthony Catholic Church.
Photo courtesy of St. Raymond High School for Boys

Beginning on Monday, July 6, ten top-performing seniors from St. Raymond High School for Boys arrived in Clintwood, Virginia this week to start their summer with community outreach and service to the people of the Appalachian Region. Working with the St. Joseph House Repair Program, the seniors assisted local people of limited or no economic means in repairing and maintaining their homes all while immersing themselves in the cultural diversity and history of the region through evening activities and community talks.

Three of the top seniors helped repair the side of a Clincho, Virginia home as part of their community outreach and service.
Photo courtesy of St. Raymond High School for Boys

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