St. Cath’s honors best

On Friday, May 16th, St. Catharine Academy honored their student athletes at the 23rd Annual Athletics Awards Dinner held at the Academy. 

Administrators, faculty, parents, and friends gathered to acknowledge the accomplishments of these fine athletes.

Most Improved trophies were given to Krystal Brijlall, varsity soccer; Designa Correa, JV volleyball; Monica Rosa, varsity volleyball; Meagan Gonzalez, JV basketball; Sabrina Caiazza, varsity basketball; Jasmine Miranda, JV softball; Amber Berrios, varsity softball; Amanda Morales, JV cheerleading, and Tiffany Massagli, varsity cheerleading.

Most Valuable Player trophies were given to Maryann Anyanwu, varsity soccer; Octavia Paylor, JV volleyball; Alessandra Rosso, varsity volleyball; Amanda Villavicencio, JV basketball; Monica Rosa, varsity basketball; Designa Correa, JV softball; Cristina Lisboa, varsity softball; Cody Velez, JV cheerleading, and Marissa Karabel, varsity cheerleading.

Nicole Pennacchia presented two Coach’s Awards; the first of which was presented to Kimone Brown, who will be attending the University of Albany in the fall and is on the University of Albany Cheerleading Roster.  The second award was given to Shirelle Thomas, who is now a staff member of the Universal Cheerleading Association. 

Sandie Capifali, athletic director and facilitator of the physical and health education department at St. Catharine Academy, presented the Senior Athlete Award for 2007-2008 to Monica Rosa for her outstanding contributions in volleyball and basketball.

The entire St. Catharine Academy community congratulates these athletes on their achievements and dedication.

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