St. Catharine Academy senior named 2022 Pratt President’s scholar

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St. Catharine’s senior Ariana Crossman has been named a Wallace Augustus Rayfield Scholar by Pratt Institute.
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Ariana Crossman, a senior at St. Catharine Academy, is one of only five incoming freshmen selected as a Wallace Augustus Rayfield Scholar by Pratt Institute this year. The scholarship is intended to further diversity across Pratt’s undergraduate and graduate programs.

The Pratt President’s Wallace Augustus Rayfield Scholarships are named in honor of one of Pratt’s first Black alumni, Wallace Augustus Rayfield, who graduated in 1889 and was only the second formally educated African American architect to practice in the United States. This scholarship includes full tuition, fees, room and board, as well as a stipend for supplies, books, laptop and transportation. 

Ariana Crossman 

“This scholarship is an amazing honor to receive,” Crossman said. “I am extremely grateful to be able to continue Wallace Augustus Rayfield’s legacy and study at his alma mater, Pratt Institute. African-Americans have been historically underrepresented in many fields but especially architecture. This scholarship will allow me to make my mark on the architecture world and increase diversity. With this opportunity I hope I can open doors for others who look like me as well.”

Crossman plans to major in architecture and minor in sustainability studies.

“ I am so excited that Ariana has been given this well deserved opportunity to attend Pratt School of Architecture. She consistently demonstrates originality, perseverance and very creative problem-solving abilities. She is never afraid to challenge herself,” said Deborah Ross, St. Catharine’s art teacher. 

“Ariana has definitely developed her artistic voice over these four years. She has become extremely thoughtful in her choices of subject and materials but there is also a playful, experimental side to her work. Ariana has a wonderful sense of humor, school spirit and love of learning that make her an asset to our school.”

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