Soundview veteran starts sports-related BronxNet show

Soundview veteran starts sports-related BronxNet show
Courtesy of Michael Torres

After returning home from service in Iraq, Army veteran and lifelong Soundview resident Michael Torres is now doing a much different kind of shooting.

He stars in and produces ‘Logic and Chaos,’ his own sports show for BronxNet.

It’s been quite the journey for the 36-year-old since his return home from the Middle East.

After the tragic loss of his wife, Lourdes, it’s been up to Torres to raise their now eight-year-old daughter Jasmine on his own.

After a few years adapting back to civilian life, he never in his wildest dreams invisioned himself in-front of a camera regularly, let alone know how to operate one.

Like in the Army, Torres returned for boot camp, this time for television production.

He began his interest in production at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting’s Westbury, NY-campus, where Torres flew threw the ranks of basic training.

“Every night I would come home and learn something new,” Torres said mentioning the amount of overnight hours he had spent mastering Adobe Premier video editing software.

Torres became so motivated that he converted his apartment into a green studio, filming his daughter for extra practice and to be able to record additional footage.

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“I was at it 24/7,” Torres said.

After getting the hang of things both on and off the camera, he began the concept of Logic and Chaos, as a sports podcast that has one show host as the voice of reason, while the other has erratic views and takes on sports. Hence, the logic and the chaos.

From there, he brought the show from audio to video, incorporating comedy skits, recaps and other elements, all while independently shooting and editing the footage together.

“It was a lot and I mean a lot of work,” Torres said. “But this is the dream and that’s what it takes,” he proudly mentioned.

He then pitched his finished product to Bronxnet, showing the samples he had previously recorded.

Just like that a veteran’s dream of going on air had come true.

Now, Torres has a team of hosts and a camera crew to produce Logic and Chaos along with many more elements and segments.

Of course, as a New York Giants fan, he’s had plenty to talk about.

His work with BronxNet impressed the likes of many, including Sirius XM radio.

After seeing Torres put together Logic and Chaos, the radio network offered Torres a production role on ‘Rock the Bells Radio,’ a show produced by famed rapper LL CoolJ.

“I can’t describe how it feels to be doing what I’m doing and to come so far with something I knew nothing about just a few years ago,” Torres said. “I’m not stopping until I make it big time,” the proud veteran said.

Tune into Logic and Chaos on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.