Soundview designer hosts wallet drive for Bronx kids

Soundview designer hosts wallet drive for Bronx kids|Soundview designer hosts wallet drive for Bronx kids|Soundview designer hosts wallet drive for Bronx kids
Dj Fashion (l) with a donor holding one of Anthony’s wallets.
Raul Anthony

One Bronx apparel designer made it his mission to bring financial literacy for kids and teens back into style.

Soundview’s own Raul Anthony hosted a wallet drive on Sunday, June 16 giving all the leathery proceeds and donations to Bronx adolescents.

Partnering up with the Elzina Dunn Brown Foundation and the Bronx’s DJ Fashion, Anthony hosted his drive at a local health food restaurant, Juices For Life at 1016 Castle Hill Avenue.

The bustling drive brought in tons of wallets of all sorts as single men, families and many more came by to show support and join the important conversation.

“More than just doing a wallet drive, we want to start a conversation about financial literacy, especially in the Bronx,” Anthony said following the success of his event.

As a self-taught fashion designer, understanding economics and monetary finance has been pivotal to Anthony’s success.

“My parents owned and operated a video and comic book store in Soundview during the late 80s to early 90s,” he said.

“Experiencing that is what inspired me to venture into my own entrepreneurship and that taught me so much,” the designer continued on.

DJ Fashion with a family during the wallet drive.
Raul Anthony

Specifically, Anthony’s style focuses on a minimalist touch to an overall classic, functionally focused design theme.

That’s demonstrated in Anthony’s own Patterson leather card case he designed.

The black wallet-like, pocket bound carrier is hemmed with a red trim with two front pockets, a back one and rip-stop nylon lining, which of course goes with the functional aesthetic that the 35-year old designer is so known for.

“Modern fashion can be casually sophisticated,” Anthony said noting that he hopes the drive will inspire youth to become more engaged with not only financial literacy but design as well.

Anthony’s next event focuses more broadly on his entire line, which features scarves, beanies and backpacks, will be at Harlem’s Red Rooster restaurant at 310 Lenox Avenue on Saturday, July 13.

“It’s all very exciting,” he said. “Having these kind of opportunities is excellent for the brand and getting known around the city is something I’m all for,” Anthony continued.

To learn more about Anthony’s designs, upcoming events and full products, visit his website:

Designer Raul Anthony of Soundview.
Raul Anthony

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