Sepulveda sweeps 34th Senate District special election

Sepulveda sweeps 34th Senate District special election
Luis Sepulveda joins Mayor de Blasio and other Bronx polticians celebrating his Senate victory.
By Miriam Quin

Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda joined Mayor de Blasio arm-in-arm to celebrate his sweeping victory in the special election tranistioning to the 32nd district of the New York State Senate.

The three-term assemblyman drew more than 2,000 votes, while two minor challengers collected less than 300 votes, according to preliminary NYS Board of Election returns.

The 32nd Senate District takes in a large swath of the south Bronx, including Mott Haven, Melrose and Hunts Point, as well as his current 87th Assembly District covering Parkchester, Castle Hill, Soundview and West Farms.

“Today you have elected someone who will fight for you in the senate,” said Sepulveda. “Someone who will fight against these policies that are coming from Washington and the leadership in the Senate currently that wants to blame our communities for everything that is wrong is this country,” he added.

In his transition from the assembly to senate, Sepulveda intends to push the ‘Child Victims Act’ which would revive opportunity for civil actions to be taken for certain sex offenses committed against a person less than 18 years of age.

He also looks to tack on additional elements to the ‘Raise the Age’ criminal justice reform bill.

Affordable housing and protecting and enforcing the rights of immigrants and minorities are other hot button topics Sepulveda is going to bring back to Albany.

“It’s very important to me to protect these communities, to protect their rights and to make sure that they get an opportunity at their piece of the American dream,” said Sepulveda.

Sepulveda is also a large proponent for more childhood education along with more funding for seniors.

“These are things I believe the Republicans have been obstructing with no justification,” said Sepulveda. “Once I’m sworn into the Senate, I’m going to delve into that head first, as fast as I can, to make sure we can get some of these bills passed,” he added.

Mayor de Blasio also expressed his faith in Sepulveda.

Taking to a podium in victory style next to the proud winner, the mayor said “The future of the City of New York is going to be deeply effected by what happens in the state senate, this is one of those momentous nights.”

“It is a great victory for this city, it is a great victory for Democrats who are going to take back the state senate once and for all,” de Blasio added.

Sepulveda isn’t entirely out of the woods yet, though. This special election is for an eight-month term, that ends on January 1, 2019.

Another primary will be held this September to determine who will hold the Senate seat for the duration of a full 2-year term.

“We’ll be starting the process again in six weeks,” said Sepulveda.

He urged his constituency to get out and get involved.

“Make sure to continue to work with us and with the leadership within the county to continue what we’ve done so far in the Bronx,” said Sepulveda.

“We have the highest graduation rates, lowest employment, and lowering crime rates. To do that you need better policing and better education, but you also need the community to get involved,” he added.

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