Senator Jeff Klein spurs safety improvements for Country Club Road exit

Senator Jeff Klein spurs safety improvements for Country Club Road exit

Plans are underway to improve safety at a problematic highway exit in Country Club.

Country Club Road exit 7C off I-95 will be receiving a six-point improvement plan from both the city and state departments of transportation, thanks to Senator Jeff Klein.

The exit has long been a concern for many Country Club residents, who feel cars coming off the expressway at excessive speeds can not merge smoothly with cars driving along the service road MacDonough Place and create the potential for accidents.

Thirty five accidents have taken place at the intersection over the past five years, according to research by Klein’s office.

The improvement plan will include the relocation of a 50 miles-per-hour speed-limit sign near the exit, and the enlargement of a sign notifying drivers that the speed limit is 20 miles per hour on the exit ramp. There will also be painted markings clarifying right of way for the service road, new yield and merging traffic signs, as well as the pruning of nearby bushes to improve driver visibility.

Both the state and city are involved because the highway is the domain of the state agency, while the service road is maintained by the city.

“It’s my hope that these improvements will not only provide clarity, but also increase safety for all motorists who utilize this thoroughfare,” Klein said in a statement. “My office will continue to monitor this location and work with our partners in the community to ensure commuter and pedestrian safety.”

Klein’s office began working with the agencies in the spring, after the Country Club Civic Association brought the issue to his attention. The project is underway and is expected to be finished in spring, 2012.

Country Club president Marcia Pavlica is excited to see the improvements beginning.

“I’ve already seen counter vehicles out and engineers were there,” she said. “And I think the positive thing is that it was a joint effort between the city and state.

“If the potential for an accident is alleviated, then great. It is certainly a good stocking stuffer for this holiday season.”

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