Second Griswold shooting in two months

A car was shot at while parked at the curb near Griswold and Ohm avenues in the second incident in as many months. Many in the Spencer Estate community are nervous about their safety, though there were no major injuries in earlier incident. Photo by Patrick Rocchio

Residents of Griswold Avenue in Spencer Estate are concerned after two shootings from moving vehicles in as many months have disturbed the calm and quiet block.

On Wednesday, August 19 police said a man on a silver and black motorcycle fired several shots into a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta at approximately 3:30 p.m. A police source said they believe that the motorcyclist thought that the two men seated in the car were about to commit some type of crime. According to sources, no one was hit.

The incident follows a similar one a block away at Kennilworth Place and Griswold Avenue in which gunplay from a moving vehicle erupted about two months ago. Police are still investigating, but as of press time no arrests have been made.

“I think that they are kids who are just trying to make some noise,” said Joe Mazzariello, who lives near where the incident occurred. “It seems to be kids stuff – only with guns.”

Mazzariello said that he was outside when both incidents took place and that is now concerned about the safety of his grandchild playing on his front lawn. According to Mazzariello, a combat veteran, the first incident had a shooter in a small compact car.

“I saw it while sitting on my front lawn; it looked like a bunch of teenagers or guys in their early 20s in a small, older compact car,” Mazzariello stated. “I can’t even have my grandchild play out here. I don’t want to see my grandchild hit by a bullet.”

Another neighbor who declined to give her name said that she thinks drug dealing in the neighborhood may be at the root of the activity on the part of the shooter or shooters.

“While I didn’t see it, the shooting is very troubling,” the neighbor said. “The amount of cars coming through this neighborhood that look like they are involved in drug sales is outrageous. I would say I see at least three to six cars a day are involved in sales of drugs. They do it in a minute and then they are gone before the police can be called.”

While there is no hard evidence that police have released indicating the shootings may be part of or in response to drug activity, it has shook up the neighbors.

“The kids think it is all a big joke until someone gets a hole in their head,” Mazzariello said.

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