Samuel Young Legion Post 620

Hello all!

Here’s another loud thank you. This one goes to Lisa Hom and Girl Scout troops: 1182, 1185, 1202, and 1209. These Scouts dropped off food stuff for the Love Kitchen at St. Peter’s Church in the Square. We’ll get the goodies there. I understand that all these scout troops come from P.S. 71. Again, a big hoorah to all.

When you are sending out your holiday cards, address one to: A Recovering American Soldier, % Walter Reed Medical Center, 6900 Georgia Avenue N.W., Washington, D.C. 20307.

One of the troops will get this card from you and it will mean a lot because you cared to remember. Thanks.

Short column this week. Next week I’ll have some interesting stuff to tell you.

Trivia Time!!

Rosa Parks boarded a bus in Selma, AL, took a seat in the front and refused to move when asked. This happened on December 1, 1955 and was the reason for the boycott of the buses by the local Black population.

Napoleon Bonaparte became emperor on December 2, 1804.

The Monroe Doctrine went into effect on December 2, 1823.

Prohibition was repealed on December 5, 1933. That was a good day.

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941 at 7:55 a.m.

Keep the troops in your prayers, take a vet to lunch and God bless.

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