Salsa Con Fuego spices up the Bronx

Salsa Con Fuego spices up the Bronx|Salsa Con Fuego spices up the Bronx|Salsa Con Fuego spices up the Bronx
Salsa Con Fuego.
Couresty of Salsa Con Fuego

Even this January’s bitter cold is no match for the spicy and energetic vibes that Salsa Con Fuego has to offer.

This wide-ranging eatery, club and event venue hybrid at 2297 Cedar Avenue is the sister restaurant to well known Puerto Rican upscale restaurant trio Don Coqui of Astoria, White Plains, and Haverstraw on the Hudson River.

However, Salsa Con Fuego spices up its menu just a little differently than its Don Coqui family.

“This is more of a Latin cuisine while Don Coqui focuses specifically on Puerto Rican fare,” said Jay Gonzalez, one of Salsa Con Fuego’s managers.

That delectable Latin cuisine comes in the form of a lime and cilantro infused guacamole, shrimp, beef chicken, and cheese empanadas, shrimp scampi with garlic sauce and plantains, along with much, much more. And that’s just the appetizers.

Naturally, this reporter sampled much of the different appetizer options, specifically enjoying the beef empanadas flaky and delectable crust, the crispy marinated pork and of course the marinara sauce drenched calamari.

Moving on to a main course, the grilled skirt steak with black bean rice is comparable to few others and is a favorite of Salsa Con Fuego’s diners.

Additionally, the seafood paella of saffron rice, lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels, calamari, chicken, and chorizo is a quite a hit as well.

People do more than just dine there, though. The place was packed for ‘New York’s number one comedy night’ on a bitter cold Tuesday, January 22.

The appetizer sampler.
Courtesy of Salsa Con Fuego

The opening DJ had all of Salsa Con Fuego’s guests in the highest of spirits when he asked “Is the Bronx in the house tonight?”

“You have to come here on a Friday night,” Gonzalez said. “That’s when it gets really, really crazy,” the manager joked while pointing to the line of frozen drink machines behind the back bar, noting that the venue goes through between 60 and 70 gallons on an average Friday.

Those frozen drinks are subtle, but very strong at a whopping 140 proof.

Each of the six frozen drinks on the line represents a specific theme and flavor.

First there’s the lime green tipsy Martian, El Fuerte which is a strong passion fruit drink, the more mellow ‘frose’ frozen rose wine, the zesty blue magic, blue raspberry frozen mix, then there’s the El Toro…who knew strawberries could be so tasty, and the chiller, a sweet mango mix that sill packs a respectable punch.

Guests that are brave enough can mix together three of these different flavors.

Since the mixes are made with all natural ingredients, a hangover the next morning is less than likely because the drinks lack artificial sugar.

Don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself.

Just be sure to make a reservation by calling (718) 561-6161.

The dining area.
Courtesy of Salsa Con Fuego

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