S. Bronx Youth Lead Suffrage Panel

S. Bronx Youth Lead Suffrage Panel|S. Bronx Youth Lead Suffrage Panel
Photo by Ray Maldonado|Photo by Ray Maldonado

In honor of Women’s History Month, LEAP presented ‘Women’s Suffrage: A Youth-Led Panel Discussion’ on Thursday, March 30 as part of its ‘Women’s Voices: Untold Stories’ program commemorating the NYS Women’s Suffrage Movement’s centennial through the lens of intersectionality. Held at Bronx Arts Space-Annex Venue, this year’s panel consisted of CUNY Department of History assistant professor Deirdre Cooper-Owens; Laura Richmond, Girl Be Heard ensemble member; Jessica Peñaranda, Urban Justice Center Women’s Rights activist and Tamara Fleming, Expoz (HER) founder, photographer and social justice advocate. LEAP students participating in this program are from J.H.S. 22, M.S. 323, M.S. 325, J.H.S. 145 and M.S. 328. For more information, visit www.leapnyc.org.

(l-r) Student moderators Rahim Hough, Ashley Santiago, Asha Beltran, Jennifer Asokwah and Jesus Robles.
Photo by Ray Maldonado