Rumors of P.S. 72 closing are false

P.S. 72 located at 2951 Dewey Avenue in Throggs Neck is not scheduled for closing, a phase out, or a restart.
Photo by Kirsten Sanchez

The rumors of P.S. 72 are not true, said Community Education Council 8 president Bob Franklin.

“Schools do not just close,” Franklin said. “A meeting was held on February 15 to explain to parents that the rumors of the school closing were not true. It’s rumors that are started by certain people to get the heat of other things off of themselves.”

On Wednesday, February 15, a Community Education Council meeting was held at P.S. 72 for parents of children in P.S. 304 as well as parents of children in P.S. 72.

During the meeting the CEC discussed the decision which was recently made to assure this year’s current P.S. 304 Pre-K students a spot in next year’s kindergarten class without having to go through another “lottery” to be chosen for a spot in the school.

Also during the meeting, the Deputy Superintendant Tim Behr spoke to parents from P.S. 72 about rumors of the school closing.

“The superintendent came right out and said, the school is not closing, and if any person hears any kind of rumor like this, they should come and speak to him about it,” Franklin said.

According to Franklin, he believes the rumor may have started because the school currently is not in good standards.

“Grade wise the school is not in good standards,” Franklin said. “They are currently in the process of trying to up the grade for the school. Right now the Department of education is giving support to the school to pick up its grade levels. It’s part of a process.”

According to Franklin, the Department of Education will send a network into the school to see what the school needs to do in order to improve its grade level.

Deputy Superintendent Tim Behr said the rumor of the school’s closing is false and he is not sure where the rumor may have started.

“There is no accuracy to anything that is being said and I addressed the issue at the February 15 meeting,” Behr said. “The school is not, at this time, being considered for closing, a phase out, or a restart. I did my best to clear this up at the last CEC meeting.”

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