Ropes Avenue eyesore demolished

A small apartment building that has been vacant for the past ten years was demolished when it became not only an eyesore, but also a dumping ground for trash.

The piece of property once included a six unit building at 3565 Ropes Avenue, just yards from Boston Road. Passersby would dump trash on the grounds of the city-owned property after snacking on fast-food. The frontage of the unmaintained and unkempt building was very close to the street, allowing easy access for vandals and squatters.

Barbara Dallow, who lives near the building, contacted Senator Jeff Klein’s office in March. Klein learned that the property was acquired by the city in May 1965 because of a streep mapping issue.

Klein contacted the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, which recorded a complaint about the building’s crumbling foundation. HPD tore the building down over the past few weeks, after an inspection by the Department of Buildings.

“This building has been a vacant eyesore since I moved here in 2003,” Dallow said. “This is a quiet block of mostly one- and two-family homes. I contacted Senator Klein, who reached out to HPD. Senator Klein told them that this building was a community eyesore.”

Dallow said that many neighbors she asked about the vacant, red brick building said that no one had lived in it for a long time.

“This building was a major nuisance on this nice, tree-lined street,” Klein said. “It also eventually would lower property values, and could prove to be a safety hazard. I pride myself on constituent services, which is why we contacted HPD and got this building demolished.”

As for the future of the site, Klein and Dallow said that they would like to see the lot remain vacant, or a single-family house built at the location.

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