Rock On The Bronx

ITEM: Of course its too early to tell but I’m feeling cautiously comfortable with Obama. The following is no way to judge a President but I’ve read where when asked what their favorite movies are Bush said Black Hawk Down, Meet the Parents and Armageddon while Obama said Godfathers 1 and 2, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and Casablanca. Do you see a pattern there? I know its the most supreme act of social incorrectness to dare put down anyone’s opinions but honestly, as a major movie buff and former critic for an online website, Bush’s films are a classic example of what is wrong with modern cinema; sitcom-ish writing, overblown machine gun edited action bore fests versus Obama’s choices of supremely written drama’s that deserve all the praise that’s been heaped upon them. Again, in the scheme of things this doesn’t mean a flippin thing. Obama could possibly turn out to be the worst president we’ve ever had, no one knows the future, but it’s a small little nugget of intelligence in viewing habits that feels comfortable to me. Snobbish? Perhaps, but who amongst us wouldn’t sit down with The Godfather 2 over Black Hawk Down any day? Then again it’s possible this presidential movie list was compiled by third party underlings aiming for maximum media effect and neither guy was even actually asked the question. The list could be another confection for a ravenous insatiable media that enables 24 hour bull. These days you never know who to trust.

ITEM: Here’s a message from popular Jimmy Ryan’s DJ Ant G. Enchanted DJ Entertainment Inc. Sponsors Pro Wrestling Syndicate December 6, Yonkers PAL Building, 127 North Broadway, Yonkers, NY. Doors open at 7 p.m.. Bell time is at 8 p.m. Advance tickets are available by calling 1-800 -838-3006

or online by http://www. Who’s going to be there: ECW Former Champ THE SANDMAN, SABU, WWE Former Champ Iron Sheik, WWE Diva, Terri Runnels & Former WWE Wrestler Kevin Matthews. Plus much much more.  Music By DJ Anthony G & Staff of Enchanted DJ Entertainment Inc. For more info please check out www. enchanteddjent. com

ITEM: You ever notice how in a really bad economy politicians seem too busy anymore to worry about banning things like aluminum bats and Ipods in streets? I wonder if the bodies from that early 2002 super killer “second hand smoke” have stopped piling up on the doorsteps? It’s as if the lawmakers know that stuff is just silly smoke screens to keep themselves in the public eye when everything is going good. Here’s a piece of advice for those in power: when times do get better again, and they will at some point, just sit back and relax, remember the bad times we came through and try not to waste our precious tax dollars on silly pet projects whose only benefit is to make you look good and keep your job. It is really important to remember the lean times and how easily they can happen again through the dangerous additions of ego and waste. Rock on. Rock out.

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