Rock on the Bronx

I have a strong feeling better times are on the way. I haven’t seen this kind of mass unhappiness and frustration in years. At times it seem like the country is one mass mental ward. Remember the Dot Com bubble back in the late 90s? Now we have the housing bubble and the oil bubble. I guess if you really consider it, everything is a bubble. You could even say that every flower goes through a bubble of its own. It grows, gets beautiful for a while, maybe even stays that way for a longer time if someone nurtures it and then as with all things it must wilt and fade away.

Currently we are experiencing a societal bubble. We will come out stronger in due time, I’m confident in this, but for now we must all share the pain. Society consumed for too long and now we are experiencing the heartburn of such out of control consumption.

There are positive signs of change however. For instance, I overheard a mother telling another mother that because of the high price of groceries she no longer buys junk food for her kids and the family is now biking and walking everywhere. The by product of this reaction to the oil and food bubble will be healthier kids. Healthier kids will lead to less demand on health care in the future. That could lead to lower prices for healthcare when there is less demand. The healthier kids will grow into more productive adults who are naturally smarter sans the junk food on their brains and will have more energy to work harder and compete on international levels.

But that is my rosy and simple view. For now we are riding this uncontrollable societal bubble as it floats and grows through our universe. The first thing to go is all the “junk food” of our lives. I sold a bunch of beloved guitars recently because the economics of reality began to trump nostalgia. I know family and friends who are for now on that big screen TV and all the technological toys that made our lives more fun but provided nothing except more credit. It must really hurt if your family works for an SUV manufacturer or owns a store that sells electronic goodies. The flipside of this is if your lucky enough to own a bike store or sell Toyota Prius’s, for which there is now a waiting list. Good times are coming but it’s going to take an amount of time equal to that in which we learn to better ourselves. Rock on. Rock out.

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