Residents look for Outlook Avenue improvements

Outlook Avenue needs paving, residents of one condo complex contend, but more importantly they would like to see curbside parking restricted so that vehicles can get in and out of the 66-unit development, located at the end of a street, more easily.

Two matters are causing concern for members of the condominium board at Outlook Point Condominiums. One is emergency access for the development, which sits at the end of Outlook Avenue, on the waterfront.

According to condo board member Sam “Sal” Larca, there have been a few close calls where ambulances and other emergency vehicles had a hard time reaching the street because parking on both sides of the street forces cars to pass through in single file. Larger vehicles, such as fire and emergency trucks, have difficulty passing all the way to the end of the street.

The second concern is the condition of much of the street’s surface from Griswold Avenue to where it terminates at the foot of the condo gate.

Condo board member John Moreschi said that condition of street, which sloops off grade and has broken concrete in places, needs to be addressed.

“I don’t think that we have created enough awareness about the need for resurfacing of Outlook Avenue,” Moreschi said. “We want to make positive strides and improve the community that we live in. We would like to make the street more inviting when our guests come in and out of the development. We consider this community a hidden gem.”

Both Larca and Moreschi said that they cannot understand why many streets in Country Club and nearby Bayview Avenue have been paved, when they have to contend with a broken road surface filled with potholes.

“Why should we suffer when streets nearby are being repaved?” Larca asked. Larca added that he believes that the condo board has found a way to ensure that emergency vehicles can pass through to Outlook Point.

“We would like to see parking restricted to only one side of the street to increase access,” Larca said, “but we don’t want to hurt the families who live in the other developments leading up to ours by taking away parking.”

Houses line Outlook Avenue leading up to the entrance to Outlook Point Condominiums. These homes would lose valuable street parking under this plan.

Moreschi said he would also like to explore the possibility of removing parking from one side of Outlook Avenue and making up for the lost spaces by creating spots on a traffic circle that sits just outside of the entrance to Outlook Point. He believes that additional parking around the small traffic circle, which he said is already being used by some for parking at night, could make up for the lost spots on the side of Outlook Avenue.

So far, the condo board has contacted Councilman Jimmy Vacca’s office. As of press time, they have not contacted Community Board 10.

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