Residents disgusted with lack of progress in Loreto Playground construction

The pile of dirt in Loreto Park that has sat for eight months.
Courtesy of Matt Caulfield

The Parks Department began work in September 2020 to repave the multi-purpose play area at Loreto Playground  with asphalt. Yet, construction stopped in October and it is an eyesore.

Needless to say, residents are none too pleased. Over the past eight months many people have complained to Community Board 11 about the lack of progress.

Resident Matt Caulfield said it looks like a pile of mud and hopes the work is done soon.

“If Parks is aware of this holdup it would help put everyone at ease if they could communicate to the community board specifically what they are doing to expedite the process and move this capital project forward,” Caulfield said.

Phyllis Nastasio is tired of looking at park full of dirt. Natasio noted it’s not fair to the kids who now lack an open space to play ball, ride bikes or skate.

“It’s just typical for the city,” she stated. “I doubt it will be done by September, but I guess there’s nothing we can do about it now.”

However, a Parks Department spokesman said work was halted at the site due to several items that needed to be resolved.

The excess materials disposal plan needed to be revised by the contractor and approved by Parks and there was a revision to the electric point of entry that had to be coordinated with Con Edison. Both of these things have been completed.

Work will resume in the near future and finish in September as was projected from the original timeline.