DDC Interns Visit Bronx River House

Architect Gregory Kiss (l) explained sustainable design concepts to students from NYC Department of Design and Construction’s high school and college internship programs.
Photo courtesy of NYC Department of Design and Construction

Nearly 60 high school and college students from the NYC Department of Design and Construction’s summer internship program visited the Bronx River House in Star Light Park on Friday, July 22. DDC’s Public Buildings Cultural Unit’s Irene Albert and Robert Egelbert, the building’s principal architect Gregory Kiss and the Bronx River Alliance’s Greenway coordinator Claudia Ibaven showed students how Bronx River House’s design minimizes the impact on the surrounding environment through the use of a geothermal system. The Bronx River House will also be surrounded by a vegetative wall which shades the building in the summer and allows sunlight to enter during the winter to provide heating.

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