Reader: LGBTQ movement gets too much attention

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To the Editor,
This letter was written in response to the “NYPD and GOAL highlight progress for LGBTQIA cops” release that ran online and in the July 2 edition of this newspaper. 
What am I missing? Can someone explain why all the fuss and attention is given to the LGBTQ movement? You have to admit, for less than 4.5% of the population, composed of male, female and transgender, to be given all of this fanfare and special treatment is unfathomable. It seems the entirety of the country: education, the political class, military, big business, Silicon Valley, the entertainment industry and professional sports are all fawning over and, in effect, showing an unnatural obsequious deference to this radical element.
The LGBTQ seek to impose their lifestyle on the rest of the country, and if you dare speak out against an issue they most favor, you will suffer the slings and arrows of their outrage and that of their ruling class handmaidens. Just ask the many small business owners that have had their livelihoods threatened, some destroyed by these radicals; Americans who live their Christian faith and refuse to acquiesce to the demands of same sex couples and transgender. 
Recently, while still in the month of June, I was in a large-chain supermarket, and an announcement came over the public address system that revealed how proud the store was to take part in Pride month, and that a section of an aisle was devoted to LGBTQ products. And what has to be the most outrageous and ludicrous pandering is American embassies around the world flying the rainbow flag. As far as I know, no other group, ethnicity, race or religious institution, has been treated with such distinction and honor — they get their own month and parade — and given such an outpouring of adulation and acceptance.
Now to some this may sound like sour grapes, and others a clear case of homophobia, but it is not. I question the reason and cause for this special treatment of a minority of people, and at times at the expense of others who do not accept this unnatural lifestyle that many believe is antithetical to nature and nature’s God. The Democrats are even attempting to pass legislation that would give the LGBTQ a special status that would entitle them to priority over others in jobs and housing.
Does this mean that LGBTQ people, or any other entity, are not entitled to all the freedoms us as Americans cherish and hold as sacred. We should each respect the rights and dignity of others, whatever their proclivities may be, without bias and malice. However, when one group is extended priorities and special consideration, at the expense of others, this is not in keeping with fundamental fairness and the Constitution.
All this begs the question, is this just a way of protecting a minority group from what can be a harsh and unforgiving world? Is this a magnanimous gesture to extend a helping hand to the downtrodden? Or could this be something entirely different, a devious and malicious scheme by an anti-American cabal of wealthy self-serving, greedy and power hungry forces who seek to undermine and eventually destroy the traditional values, principles, institutions and the Judeo-Christian ethics this nation was founded on?
Bob Pascarella

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