Rat problem at PBLL field

Rat problem at PBLL field|Rat problem at PBLL field

A Bronx little league is frustrated that its outfield has been taken over by a ‘ratpack’.

Pelham Bay Little League field, located at 2680 Westchester Avenue, is plagued with rats, some eight inches long, near the right field bleachers of the ball park.

The rats have been living in that area of the field for about a month.

According to the PBLL, a Dumpster belonging to the Dunkin Domuts at 2973 E. Tremont Avenue, located in an area that abuts that portion of the field, is to blame.

“I’m afraid somebody in the bleachers is going to get bit,” said Vinny Prestopino, president of the PBLL for the last ten years. “You see them in the bullpen, you see them in the batting cages – it’s almost like they’re taking over the field.”

Prestopino said he had rat repellent placed on the field over the weekend, but it only kept them away a couple of days.

“These aren’t mice that scurry off when they see you,” Prestopino said, addding, “They don’t seem to be afraid of anything.”

The influx of rats may also be the result of recent construction that was done on the Dunkin Donuts parking lot and drive through area, which could have disturbed the rats’ underground nesting areas.

Another factor could be the wind blowing the garbage from the Dumpster, onto the field.

This usually happens when the Dumpster lid is open or its overflowing with garbage.

Prestopino said that he has reached out to Councilman James Vacca’s office, who has been looking into how to resolve the issue.

Since being contacted by Prestopino, Vacca’s office has been in contact with the PBLL and told them to reach out to 311 as well as the Department of Health.

Vacca’s office also reached out to Dunkin Donuts to alert them of the situation and asked them to do its part by mediating the compact waste that comes from their establishment.

Due to a wait from 311 and a potential 30-day examination period of the field, this issue could take up to two months to resolve.

“By the time this problem gets fixed, the season might be over,” said Prestopino. “My main concern is keeping everybody who comes to the games safe.”

The owner of Dunkin Donuts was not available to comment.

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