Providence Rest gets new sea wall

Susan Steinberg (l), Providence Rest administrator; Senator Jeff Klein and Sister Seline Mary Flores, Providence Rest CEO.
Photo courtesy of the Office of Senator Jeff Klein

The expansive seawall which has bravely defended Providence Rest from wrathful storms throughout the years is undergoing a much needed renovation.

“We consider this 650-linear foot sea wall ’Our Great Protector’ and it is keeping our over 200 residents and property safe from the storms that may come,” Susan Steinberg, Providence Rest LNHA administrator expressed.

The eastern portion of the Country Club-based nursing home is surrounded by the majestic Eastchester Bay.

This prime location allows residents to take in the scenic nautical sights while experiencing a deep sense of serenity while sitting by the water’s edge.

Unfortunately, such a location can be both a blessing and a curse.

According to Steinberg, the stack stone gravity sea wall has absorbed the brunt of many storms and suppressed the bay’s swollen waters.

She added that during Hurricane Sandy, Providence Rest was spared major damage .

However, the combination of incredibly potent gale force winds, high tide, and storm surge has taken its toll on the wall’s integrity.

Situated only 23 feet from the bay is the nursing home’s Ferrari Pavilion which houses approximately 80 residents.

If not for the repair efforts being made, Steinberg said that the building’s foundation would be at severe risk of becoming compromised.

The seawall is composed of large boulders, but some were lost during its battle with the ferocious hurricane.

Following Hurricane Sandy, Providence Rest began working with Senator Jeff Klein and FEMA to start repair efforts.

According to Steinberg, approximately $318,000 was awarded for the project, but it was not enough.

As a result, they applied for the Superstorm Sandy Social Services Block Grant and an additional $1.5 million was awarded toward the project.

Starting this month, construction began on the seawall.

It is reported the reconstruction project is progressing at an efficient pace despite the harsh winter weather.

“During Hurricane Sandy, the seawall at Providence Rest was left severely damaged and in need of major reconstruction. Today, I’m happy to say the project is well underway and the seniors and staff who live and work there will soon have a sturdy new seawall to protect them from extreme weather and future storms. I’m proud to have been integral in securing more than $300,000 in funding to get this project off the ground, and I look forward to seeing the seawall completed this spring,” Senator Klein stated.

Steinberg explained that construction equipment is currently occupying the fenced off premises near the seawall.

The original walkway has since been demolished and will be replaced with a new one.

The seawall will be filled in with cement to make it more resilient against future storms and hurricanes.

She added that the next phase in the project is to install steel pilings in front of the seawall to reinforce the structure and is expected to be completed by winter’s end.

In addition, a parapet will be installed atop the wall to prevent rising water from affecting the area as it did previously.

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