Pothole issue continues to be managed by DOT

Potholes, like these located on Bruckner Boulevard between Logan and Edison avenues, will be repaired by the DOT in their city-wide effort.
Community News Group / Steven Goodstein

Potholes can cause problems for many drivers, but thanks to the New York City Department of Transportation, the amount of these concrete craters in the five boroughs will be greatly decreased.

On Friday, March 27, DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg announced the continuation of seasonal pothole repair efforts across the five boroughs for that weekend. It was also announced that the DOT will continue their additional work on residential streets and highways the following week.

After a brutal winter, like the one we just encountered, it is normal for the road to show it – as spreading salt not only melts ice and snow but also causes road decay. Considering the multiple snow storms the Bronx had this winter, it is common to see a road’s condition deteriorate.

These potholes have caused drivers to stop short and even unsafely weave to avoid the impact of the trench.

Many highways, roads and streets in the Bronx have generated potholes – including Bruckner Boulevard, I-95 and Pelham Parkway – to name a few.

On Saturday, March 28, the DOT dispatched nearly 60 crews throughout the city to take care of the problem, mainly targeting residential streets and arterial roadways.

However, all potholes that pose a potential danger or threat to motorists are a primary concern to DOT and will be taken care of immediately

“The DOT is aware of the concerns about potholes in these areas and recently addressed the issue by performing large scale pothole repair and maintenance,” stated a DOT spokesperson. “We will continue to monitor these roadways, many of which are heavily travelled, and conduct repairs as needed.”

“If residents have concerns, they should immediately report them to 311 and we will respond.”*

Since mid-December, DOT has filled more than 209,000 potholes in the five boroughs.

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