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Intended or Unintended Slight

I fully intended to use this space today (12-4) to write a recap and review of the 12/3 fight card held at the Hammerstein Ballroom and promoted by Star Boxing. But that’s not to be. I was seated in the press section and was beginning to write me article when I was told I was being moved from where I was to an area further back among the paying customers to allow other “Pressies” to sit there. Was it something I wrote, or didn’t write, or was it because I was sitting behind a table in my wheelchair? I hope not but I don’t know. This wasn’t the first time this has happened at a Star Boxing event. To make a long story short, I got my boxers in a knot and left- so no fight report today.

Once may be a coincidence, Twice is a pattern!

Jets Week 12-B

The Jets (5-6) beat Carolina 17-6 (4-7), but the game was a lot closer than was indicated by that score. The “D” came up big with 4 INT’s and 3 sacks. Carolina only rushed the ball 5 times 34 yards out of the 205 total (NY had 293 total). The Jets “O” also allowed 3 sacks to go along with 1 int. and 2 fumbles. Rhodes and Revis, each had 2-int’s and Revis returned one for a TD. Take away that TD from the scorer and it’s a 4 point game. Thomas Jones rushed 25/75, almost putting him over 1,000 yards.

Jets Week 13-A

The Jets (6-6) beat the Bills (4-8) 19-13 but saw Mark Sanchez go down with a knee injury (the left –the good one). They had 331 Net total yards, 247 of them were rushing yards (Thomas Jones was 23-109 yds). Remember the Bills rush “D” is ranked 32nd in the league. The NY D-line allowed 5 sacks. Jay Feely had 4 FG’s. As I see it, the Jets are doing a big disservice to their franchise QB, Mark Sanchez. Very few rookies can step right in and be a successful starting QB in the NFL. Sanchez should have a more veteran QB teammate who could give him helpful hints, rather than Rex Ryan, on the sideline during the game.

The Long Arm

Of The Law

Elliott Harris of the Chicago Sun-Times, on Cavaliers center Shaquille O’Neal facing prerequisite training before he can become a special police deputy in Ohio: “He’d better hope any shooting test isn’t from the free-throw line.”

Molinaro Marinara

Bob Molinaro wrote on HamptonRoads.com:

*“If only because we can all use a laugh now and then, let’s enjoy the stories about the Buffalo Bills trying to entice Mike Shanahan (what’s he actually done?). As if a coach with his many attractive options would want anything to do with Buffalo. Now that’s funny.”

*Still trying to figure out why blabbermouth Keith Olbermann is a panelist on NBC’s Sunday night NFL show. If any cable news magpie should be invited to talk football, it’s CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. He’s got the name for it.”

Speaking Of Laughs

On 12/1, the Knicks were 3/14, 176. For them to reach 32 wins (I reduced that from 35), they have to win 29 of the final 65, .446- that’s a joke!

MLB Commish’s

Big Job

The Sports Curmudgeon, again put into words something that’s been on my mind, “What the Commish needs to do is to work with the networks that are covering the games to arrive at a television package for the playoffs that does not stretch the ramp-up to the World Series over more than three weeks. It can – and probably should – be condensed to 15 days. Moreover, if MLB can do that, they can actually have the World Series over before Halloween.”

A North Korean


Mark Medina reported in the LA Times that, “Even if it requires heavy editing, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il will ensure that his country’s soccer team will at least appear to win the 2010 World Cup.

His ruling that bans state-run TV from broadcasting all live games also extends to his own country. The Sun newspaper reported that policy will also include North Korea’s matches until the highlights are “heavily edited to ensure that they look like the better team.”

If North Korea loses, author Mike Breen suspects Kim will suddenly stop taking credit for the country’s qualifying for the first time since 1966. The variation of the age-old saying unsurprisingly relates to Kim: If the North Korean soccer team loses in the World Cup, but there’s no video evidence, it didn’t really happen.

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