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Jets-Giants Week- 16

Even though the coach for the 14-1 Indy Colts, Jim Caldwell, pulled his starters for more than half the game, won by the Jets 29-15, the “W” still goes on the Jets (8-7) side of the ledger. I have to say that Smith’s 106-yard kick-off return starting the second half was electric. Sanchez was workman-like and tried not to give away the game and had NO int’s. Another win might get them into the playoffs.

Just as the Giants (8-7) embarrassed the ‘Skins last week, the Panthers (7-8) did it to them. It was embarrassing. The Giants allowed 4 sacks, had 4 fumbles, and gave up 2 int’s. They scored no td’s, had only 60 yards rushing, and gave up 274. Someone must have told the Giants that Giant Stadium was shuttered last week because they certainly didn’t show up on December 27.

26th Annual Trite Trophy

Gene Collier of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has given his top award. ““Somewhere, somehow, defensive coordinators lost the ability to just call a blitz, order a blitz, signal a blitz, send in a blitz or even just blitz,” Collier wrote. “They suddenly were forced to ‘Dial up a blitz.’ It’s a beauty of a cliche, and it meets our ageless criteria: it’s meaningless, it’s everywhere, and I really, really hate it.”

Rant For The New Year

Florida State University allowed some pretty reprehensible study programs, including a fraud-filled on-line music appreciation class, which would keep football players academically eligible to play. But now I read in the Orlando Sentinel that the school admitted students without proper study credentials by certifying that they were “learning disabled.” This is beyond reprehensible and borders on criminal. FSU Athletic Director Randy Spetman wrote a letter addressed to “Florida State alumni, friends, and supporters” that said the school admitted 43 athletes – and 62 students “with a special talent in the arts – that fell just below” standard university admission standards. Another 17 athletes were admitted, according to the letter, via a “committee admissions process.” This is a scandal about which we will here more in the coming months

Game Time

I saw that the Cubs traded Milton Bradley to the Mariners for RHP Carlos Silva. This is Bradley’s 6th team in 11-years. I don’t know what makes him so attractive with his career .257 BA, average of 20 HR’s, 76 RBI’s, 13 SB’s, and .775 OPS. Silva is no steal either. He has a 60-64 record in 8-years with 3 teams and a WIPP of 1.74. This appears to be a trade of headaches.

More On Bradley

David Whitley from AOL Fanhouse said. “A Chinese hotel executive pays $350,000 for Michael Jackson’s sequined glove. He says it was a bargain compared to what the Cubs paid for Milton Bradley’s bat.”

Big Al In Wonderland

Having covered this man’s league for a few decades, I’ve come to know many men who’ve experienced Al in Wonderland, whether it was in Oakland or Los Angeles. Said one ex-Davis minion, when asked to comment on the current state of the Raiduhs: “I’ll pass. I’m viewed as a bitter former employee, along with about 800 others.”

Foul Call By Daly

Dan Daly, of the DC Times, knows how I am with numbers and sent this along: “Number of the Week: 6. (How many personal foul penalties bad-boy offensive guard Richie Incognito has been assessed this season.)Wouldn’t you love to know what the NFL record is – and who holds it? The league, of course, doesn’t keep track of such things, but maybe if you put in a Freedom of Information request for Dick Butkus’ FBI file…

Incognito picked up Nos. 5 and 6, as well as a $50,000 fine, against the Titans last Sunday, prompting the Rams to release him… and Buffalo to sign him. Which means the Bills – hold your applause, please – have now employed Richie Incognito and Conrad Dobler (1980-81), his apparent role model. “What you need when you play against Dobler,” an opponent once told Sports Illustrated, “is a string of garlic buds around your neck and a wooden stake. If they played every game under a full moon, Dobler would make All-Pro. He must be the only guy in the league who sleeps in a casket.”

Dobler’s reply: “Sometimes… I get my hand caught in a facemask. But always remember this: At no time do my fingers leave my hand.”

Unlike Incognito, Dobler was a good enough right guard to play in three Pro Bowls. Not that he necessarily relished the experience. The problem with the Pro Bowl, he said, is that “you get to know and like your opponents. And when you like a guy, you don’t step on his fingers or kick him getting up.”


Scott Ostler, of the SF Chronicle said that, “Nike’s Phil Knight says Tiger’s misdeeds eventually will be seen as “a minor blip.” I guess when you’ve been accused of massive exploitation in third-world countries, blind-side chop-blocking your wife and kids at the knees would seem like a minor blip.”

Uncle Bud &

His Committee

Scott said that he is in full agreement with fellow Chronicle writer John Shea (Scott calls him “The Shea-Hey Kid”), as am I, about Bud Selig’s committee being “stodgy.” “Three of the 14 committee members are legally dead. Also in question: the committee’s mission. Despite the umpiring horrors of last postseason, Selig says, “This (committee) is not a reaction” to those incidents. Why isn’t it?”

All The T’s In China

“I haven’t done much trash-talking,” injured Rockets center Yao Ming told Esquire. “But last year, I did complain about a call. Nobody could believe it. So I said, ‘I’ve spent a lot on English lessons. I want to get my money’s worth.’ “The official was laughing.”

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