PHOTOS: Universal Hip Hop Museum reopens with 80’s throwback in the south Bronx

An exhibit shows the growth of turn tabling and how it paved way for almost all forms of modern music.
Photos by Alex Mitchell

One of the boogie down Bronx’s coolest attractions will be reopen with a fresh gallery come Thursday, Nov. 5.

The Universal Hip Hop Museum in the Bronx Terminal Market is back and safer than ever with its newest exhibit on the emergence of early 1980s hip hop along with some modern technology which will screen guests’ health status upon entry.

It was this era of the genre which acted as “the fuse that ignited the explosion,” of hip-hop’s worldwide status,” UHHM Chairman Rocky Bucano told the Bronx Times while reminiscing on his times spent DJing in the Bronx at clubs like Stardust Room on Boston and Gun Hill Roads in the northeast Bronx.

“Those were the years when hip-hop became a commercial product,” he said.

Artwork showing hip-hop’s growth in New York and later throughout the nation.

Bucano noted the music’s popular growth from local “park jams” and small clubs to mass-produced records being featured on TV and in movies on a more national scale for the first time since its 1973 inception in the south Bronx.

“It came right here from here…you can’t get this experience anywhere else, only in the Bronx, the home of hip-hop” Bucano said about his exhibit.

He continued to explain how hip-hop’s “pillars” of DJing, breakdancing and aerosol graffiti art created such an iconic culture — much of which will be on display in November.

“They’re going to see it, a little bit of everything…they’ll see the artifacts of that time period,” Bucano said.

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