Pelham Bay Taxpayers Association

Mark Your Calendars – Thursday, March 18, Community Board 10 will hold their monthly meeting at Preston High School, 2780 Schurz Ave, at Municipal Services Committee will present their resolution, which they passed unanimously on Monday, March l,to reverse St. Paul back to its original direction.The entire board will vote Yes or No on this resolution. We have fought long and hard for the board to hear the voices of the entire community of Pelham Bay and not only the voices of St. Paul Avenue.

Everyone who has waited in backed up traffic, dealt with the dangerous conditions at Pelham Bay Station, avoided cars backing out of St. Paul Ave., this will be your last opportunity to be part of the Maximum Participation to undo the reversal that was done at the November 3, 2005 meeting. 26 from St. Paul approving the reversal and only 3 from Burr Avenue opposing. We did not receive letters advising us of the reversal, no flyers in the store windows announcing the proposed reversal.This was definitely not maximum participation from the taxpaying residents of Pelham Bay.

Lady Of Mercy Hospital officially closed January 31, 2004. The closing of the hospital entirely eliminated the traffic on St. Paul from doctors, nurses and employees working around the clock at the hospital. Also eliminated, were the delivery trucks of food, linens, family members visiting patients and ambulances arriving at the emergency room. The traffic entering St. Paul was now entirely from the Pelham Bay residents shopping in our community and those coming off Pelham P’way, returning home from work. The additional traffic continued onto Burr Ave. from motorists driving to I-95 South or Bruckner Blvd including the tandem buses. If St. Paul wanted to slow down the speed of traffic, all they had to do was ask DOT for speed bumps that really accomplish slowing down speeding cars.However, it was St. Paul’s goal to eliminate “all traffic” from entering their street. A private street with zero traffic.

Another street that accomplished the same goal was Tomlinson Ave. in Morris Park. The residents of Morris Park encountered the same battle as the residents of Pelham Bay.

After four years of daily confrontation with backed up traffic and congestion, Tomlinson Ave. was finally reversed back to its original direction just before Christmas of 2009. What a wonderful Christmas gift to the residents of Morris Park.

Because of over development, every street in all our neighboring communities are now dealing with speeding drivers. The answer is not to dump the problem of your street onto another street that is having the exact problem. The answer is speed bumps, and more speed bumps. If you ever hit a speed bump going faster than you should, the under carriage of your car will definitely not be happy.

Our next PBTCA meeting will be on Monday, March 15 at St. Theres’s cafeteria, 2872 St. Theresa Ave. Coffee and cake at 7 p.m. followed by our meeting. Join your local civic associations and united with our elected officials we will get speed bumps, full stop signs, and no more new buildings until after we get municipal parking lots. Your dues of $10 include the Bronx Times delivered to your home address. Mark your calendars and be sure to attend the very crucial Comm. Bd. 10 meeting on Thursday, March 18 at Preston High School. Bring your family and neighbors.


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