Pelham Bay Taxpayers Association

The PBTCA is happy to report that a traffic signal will soon be installed at Crosby and Roberts avenues.  Our board member, Frank Tranchese, submitted a petition with 40 pages of signatures to Councilman Jimmy Vacca.  There were many years of requests for this traffic light and we were told it would never happen.  Solid proof that when taxpaying citizens unite with our elected officials-remarkable achievements do result.

We are looking forward to our long-awaited request for a full stop sign on St. Theresa and Pilgrim avenues.  This is another dangerous corner for the children of St. Theresa’s School.  A speed hump would help slow down the speed of cars coming down from Westchester Avenue to the Hutchinson River Pawkway service road. 

A young boy was recently hit by a car at this corner and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.  The full stop sign is urgently needed before another child is hurt.

  The serious problem of over development is causing speeding traffic through our streets.  If the over development doesn’t cease and desist immediately-every street in our community will require speed humps.

Call all our elected officials and ask them to write, call or e-mail the Department of Buildings to immediately amend their ancient laws to match today’s  realities.  In the 40s and  50s there were very few cars parked on our streets and zero traffic on our roads. 

Today, there isn’t parking available anywhere in our residential or commercial areas and our roads are stalled with bumper to bumper traffic exhaling toxic pollution in our communities.  Taxpaying residents miss happy evening events because they can’t find a parking spot when they return home and fear to park too many blocks away.

We are now in the 21st Century and our communities are suffering because of the crushing over development.  Is everyone blind and deaf?  Why are the over taxed citizens being constantly bombarded with irresponsible proposals and lack of common sense judgment? Listen to our voices and see the catastrophic problems we are forced to deal with every day and fix the problems.

  We are being over taxed more and more for less and less services. We demand that our taxes pay for needed parking facilities.  We demand that our mail not be mis-delivered, subjecting us to identity theft and seniors not receiving their prescription medication. 

We demand that over development cease and desist now. We demand that our tax dollars be spent on the “Needs of Our Community”.  We demand that our taxes must not be used for group homes to bail out building developers stuck with vacant houses and vacant apartments. The money for the million dollar inflated prices for scattered group homes could be combined to build 5-6 group homes together with a much needed work shop in the Hutch Metro area.

This would eliminate the need for the backed up diesel buses exhaling toxic pollution.

The clients would be able to walk from the work shop to their group home designed for their needs.

  Now another irresponsible proposal with lack of common sense. The state is planning to move two Little League fields on the campus of the Bronx Psychiatric Center at a cost of $1.2 million.  The project is part of a plan, which could cost as much as $350 million to overhaul the center. 

The PBTCA is wondering, is this part of the reach to the stars, 911 backup call center? 

At a time when the state deficit is in the billions, this is an outrageous assault on our tax dollars.

Join your local civic associations. Our united civic groups – the North East Bronx Community Alliance – will ask questions and demand answers, but we need your support. With huge numbers, we will have a strong voice and we will be heard.  United Taxpayers can and will

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