Pelham Bay Taxpayers Association

Our PBTCA will be held on Monday, November 17, at St. Theresa’s cafeteria, 2855 St. Theresa Avenue. Refreshments served at 7 p.m., followed by our meeting.   Our guest speakers are from the NYC Fire Dept. and will inform us on Fire Safety and Fire Prevention. You will also go home with a free smoke detector.

  Elaine, from Assemblyman Michael Benedetto’s office, has again arranged for the MetroCard Van to be in front of the Lawrence F. Keane Post, 2879 Buhre Avenue on Friday, November 28, from 1 to 3 p.m.  You will be able to add to your card.

For years I was thankfully not bombarded with marketing calls.  Suddenly, at every inconvenient hour, they were back with a vengeance  I had forgotten how terribly annoying these calls were and realized that my do not call  message had expired. I was informed that it will take about 31 days for these intrusive calls to end. The phone number to end these marketing calls is 1-888-382-1222 or e-mail www.

Has your mail been delivered to a neighbor’s house or have you received someone else’s mail?  This is defined as mis-delivered mail.  This is unacceptable in this day of identity theft and seniors receiving prescription medication by mail.  This problem has been increasing in Pelham Bay as it seems that we have new mail carriers every day who don’t seem to know the residents of our community the way our former carriers did.

There is no excuse for mis-delivered mail. We’ve even heard from members who had to change their credit card number because their credit card statement never reached their mailbox. If this has happened to you, contact the manager of the Westchester Square Main Post Office, Mr. Nasta, at (718) 829-9539  Give him all the details and let him know how you feel about this problem.

  Does anyone remember Vinny the mailman?  He knew all the residents and even knew all the children in the neighborhood and looked out for them. Congratulations to our newly retired mailman, Jack.  Thanks for all the years of dedicated service.

  The PBTCA have been working with Councilman Vacca’s office to address this problem.  With your calls and the help of our councilman, we can correct this very serious problem.

Amid all the gloom and doom, a bright light ahead.  The Bronx 911 call center, is on hold after costs hit 957 million. This proposed  37-story tower, will require a 500 car garage for 750 employees.  It will be built to withstand an earthquake, a hurricane, a flood or a terrorist bomb. What about a sink hole?  They are building on top of a swamp!!  What about the increase in traffic?   A minor accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway causes stand still traffic.  A Met sgame brings traffic to a halt. What about the constant, banging noise from the pile drivers?  This building of magnitude size must not be built on swamp land. Let the city find a site for this tower on solid rock that would bring  down this astronomical cost at a time when the city is facing a $4 billion dollar budget crisis. Our skyscrapers in Manhattan are built on solid rock.  Why not build the 911 call center where the Jets wanted to build a football stadium on the West Side of Manhattan?

I have mentioned before, the site at Hutch Metro would be ideal for three to four group homes with a work shop so the clients can walk to their jobs and back to their homes. This would be a lot more cost effective than the millions and millions of dollars being paid for scattered homes throughout the communities.

  Join your local civic associations and with a strong voice, we must demand that the city stop burning our tax dollars on proposals that don’t make sense.  Your 2009 dues of $10, which include delivery of the Bronx Times Reporter, can be paid at our November 17 meeting.  Together we can stop the invasion of our communities. 

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