Pehlam Bay Tax Association

Our June 24, PBTCA held its meeting at St. Theresa’s auditorium and had a great turnout.  Unfortunately, our guest speaker, Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, was not able to attend.  However, Captain William McSorley and  Officer Michael O’Connor of Community Affairs from the 45th Precinct both addressed the many concerns from our members: the disastrous traffic conditions at Pelham Bay Station caused by the St. Paul reversal, the overdevelopment in our community causing lack of parking spots, the overdevelopment causing traffic congestion, the obvious drug sales near our parks and many issues that both Captain McSorley and Officer Michael O’Connor were aware of.

They informed our members that they have made eight arrests with those dealing drugs to our children.  All our streets are a hazard to try and cross with speeding cars in a hurry to get to their destinations. Too many cars, not enough full stop signs, not enough speedh

It was reported in last week’s Bronx Times Reporter, that through the efforts of Senator Jeff Klein and his staff, the D.O.T. will be doing a 12-week study of the intersection of Pilgrim Avenue and St. Theresa Avenue. The request for a three-way stop sign by Senator Klein, the Pelham Bay Taxpayer Civic Association and a petition signed by 400 Pelham Bay residents earlier this year was denied. Why did it take an accident of a young boy struck by a car to finally approve the study?  Our big question: is this 12-week study going to be done while the children of St. Theresa’s School are all on vacation?  Dumber things have occurred!  Let’s not wait for another serious accident to fix this dangerous corner.

Beside the three-way stop sign, a speed hump should also be considered along the road of St. Theresa Avenue coming down from Westchester Avenue.  Cars driving down from Westchester Avenue gain speed on the downhill street and are going a lot faster than is safe for our school children.  Also, many of our seniors have difficulty crossing this street after Mass. Let’s join together and make sure that this street is made safe for everyone in our community.

God bless all our grandparents, parents, young students and little students, who take the time to attend Mass and pray for our country, our veterans, and our service men and women all over the world. On this fFourth of July, too many of us have taken for granted and failed to appreciate what it means to live in a free country and the price that was paid by so many very young men and women in the prime of their young lives. Let us all pray for these young people who are responsible for us enjoying our liberty and freedom.

Let us also be informed before we go into a voting booth that we are positive  that those we are voting for will be voting to protect the rights and liberty of our American citizens.  Too many elected officials are more concerned with the rights of illegal immigrants than the rights of Americans.  Our taxes are being constantly raised to help the entire world.  We are a very compassionate people and it is an insult when too many claim we are not.  We take care of the poor with food stamps, programs to help single mothers, rent subsidies, the sick who are treated at all our emergency rooms at no cost. The result is causing too many hospitals to close down.  

Our churches are in the forefront helping those in need and we are always there in times of disaster no matter where. No other group of citizens are as generous and compassionate as the American people but we will not allow our elected officials to tax us, the middle income, beyond our means. We will not allow our country to turn into a socialist country, rob by taxes the middle income to give to others who are comfortable staying at home and living off of our hard earned taxes. That is socialism and we need to reverse the laws that continually rob from the middle class. The Internet has many sites that inform the public how our elected officials vote.  If you don’t like their vote, call, write, e-mail and let them know.  Or don’t vote for them again and again. Too many have become the kings and queens of our country.

I wrote last week’s column from my son’s house in Rochester, N.Y.  The column got lost in Cyber-space.  My son tells me it’s not the computers fault, it’s the operator.  Can’t tell you how many computer classes I attended.  Unfortunately by the time I put my car key in the ignition, the lesson was gone.

Remember, we have so many issues that have to be resolved. Join your local civic association and when you hear of an important meeting being held, make the time to attend.  The board members time and efforts cannot be successful alone.  We need your help. We wish you all a wonderful, healthy, happy, summer.

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