PB Taxpayers to host community appreciation BBQ

The end of August is as good a time as any for a big barbecue, and the Pelham Bay community is excited.

Members of the Pelham Bay Taxpayers and Community Association are putting together a barbecue for members of local community associations, tentatively scheduled for Sunday, August 29 in Pelham Bay Park.

Pelham Bay Taxpayers Association president Ed Romeo envisioned the day of fun and food as a way to get members of the community to use the park more often. He feels that the, community may be intimidated by large crowds or not aware of all the park has to offer.

The event will be called a “Community Appreciation Barbecue.” It will be held near the Buhre Avenue pedestrian bridge.

Teaming up with Romeo is Senator Jeff Klein, helping to secure the permits needed and making sure there is proper grilling equipment at the site. Romeo is extending an invitation to members of civic associations from communities near the park, including Country Club Civic Association, Spencer Estate Civic Association, and the Waterbury LaSalle Community Association.

“This is the community that we choose to live in, and it happens to have a beautiful park,” Romeo said. “It’s within walking distance, and everyone should feel it is theirs to use, and not be afraid.”

Romeo said that some members of his association have expressed concern about large crowds at the park in the summer, and may feel intimidated by the overwhelming amount of visitors to the park.

Klein said he has been in touch with law enforcement personnel about ensuring safety at the park after the Taxpayers made the park a priority.

“I am proud to co-sponsor Community Appreciation Day in Pelham Bay Park this month, along with the Pelham Bay Taxpayers and Community Association,” Klein said. “The taxpayers have made the park a top priority this year and in April my office facilitated a meeting with law enforcement personnel to ensure safety and security in the Park this summer. I am looking forward to a very successful event, and I urge area residents to join us for a day of relaxation and fun.”

Romeo added that there will be free food for members of the civic associations. Besides the free burgers and hot dogs, the event is a great way to spend time with neighbors and feel a sense of togetherness. Known as a great griller around Pelham Bay, Romeo claimed his cooking is reason enough to see what the park has to offer.

“It is just about getting people from our community to use the park,” Romeo explained. “The barbecue is the opportunity for people to become more aware that this park is in their neighborhood, and it is something of a community reunion through our local civic associations. I hope that people from my association will come out and bring their family and friends.”

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