P.S. 105 presents grants to nonprofits

Holding check grants are representatives from the Mayor’s Alliance, 9/11 Memorial, and the ASPCA. They are surrounded by students from P.S. 105 who donated lots of time and money to gather the funds.
Photo by David Inkeles of the Penny Harvest NYC

P.S. 105 has a penny for these thoughts–giving makes you “a better person”.

That lesson was learned by elementary students at the Pelham Parkway school who spent months collecting over $700 in donated pennies and funds for charity organizations.

Those chosen were the Mayor’s Alliance, the ASPCA and the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Representatives from those organizations stopped by May 15 to collect the grants at its first-ever presentation ceremony.

Each group received $100 each, while the rest went to Penny Harvest, the nonprofit group that’s worked with P.S. 105 for six years.

For 10-year old Ariela Ziu, president of the student council, her motivation to give stemmed from the “pure satisfaction” in knowing an organization will benefit from it.

“I know that something good is going to come out of this,” said the 5th grader, who aspires to be a lawyer.

Fatimah Ali worked as the Penny Harvest coach, organizing the school’s collective efforts.

“You really see the goodness of people,” said Ali, who serves as the school’s 4th and 5th grade literacy coach.

Student council representatives took the lead as Penny Harvest leaders, collecting funds through various sources including the student body, family and friends. Jars were placed along the school’s “high traffic areas”. Each class was then given a sack to store the accumulated funds.

“Everyone had their hand in this,” said Ali. “It was something that could not be done alone.”

But part of the process also included the student’s input on where they would like to see the money go. The general consensus, according to Ali, was concern for animals.

“Everyone loves animals,” said Ali.

The school at 725 Brady Avenue eventually decided to give to two animal welfare agencies–the Mayor’s Alliance and the ASPCA.

Fifth grader Gabrijella Ceni said she’s happy to have helped give money for her furry friends.

“I know I’m helping out animals, saving their lives,” said Gabrijella.

Outside of the animal groups, parents and teachers decided to donate to the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

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