NYPD to monitor troublesome E. Bronx intersections

Intersection of East Tremont and Randall avenues, where NYPD security cameras will be installed.
Community News Group/ Alex Mitchell

Some areas in the east Bronx will be receiving an NYPD security surveillance upgrade.

Seven locations have been selected in Morris Park, Pelham Parkway and Throggs Neck for NYPD security camera installations at intersections that have been of concern to residents and police alike.

The intersections are: White Plains Road and Lydig Avenue, White Plains Road and Pelham Parkway, Astor Avenue and Boston Road, Tratman and St. Peters avenues, East Tremont and Randall avenues, Cruger and Lydig avenues, and the City Island Bridge.

“Security is a priority, equipping the police with more utilities is something I’m happy to do,” said Councilman Mark Gjonaj, whom allocated budget funding for the new camera upgrades around his district. “NYPD cameras make communities safer,” the councilmember added.

The cameras’ locations had been selected to cover areas of high concern by both the 45th and 49th police precincts.

Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association president Edith Blitzer welcomes the security camera installations in her area on Cruger Avenue.

A man was gunned down at the intersection of Cruger and Lydig avenues in 2017, which was the prompt for the camera installation.

Blitzer went on to mention that residents of her area had expressed concerns over safety.

“Security has been a problem in that area dating back a few years, things are not as bad as they used to be,” said Blitzer. “Great improvements have been made in just the last month alone,” she added while praising 49th Precinct captain Thomas Alps for increasing police presence and patrols in areas of need.

During Councilman Jimmy Vacca’s term, NYPD cameras were installed on Holland Avenue, which Blitzer also said was a plus for the neighborhood.

In addition to the cameras, Tratman and St. Peters avenues have seen additional public safety upgrades in recent weeks.

The intersection also received lighting upgrades to improve nighttime safety around the Pearly Gates Park.

The neighborhood park has had its share of dangerous incidents over the years, ranging from shootings to gang activity and more.

Sandi Lusk, the director of Westchester Square-Zerega Improvement Organization, for years has been advocating for supplemental to policing and lighting for the Pearly Gates, which is now coming to fruition.

“It’s come a long way,” said Lusk at the time the new lights were announced.

“More policing and better lighting have been priorities that we’ve been pushing for. This a great upgrade,” she added.

Community Board 11 Public Safety Committee chairman Yahay Obied is hoping to see at least a dozen new security cameras installed in his area, mentioning that Councilman Ritchie Torres has also allocated funding for NYPD surveillance cameras.

Obeid also urged the board’s elected officials to continue to allocate additional funding in order to receive the extra cameras; while mentioning the topic will be discussed at the board’s public safety meeting on Tuesday, June 19.

Gjonaj is advocating that additional security equipment and precautions for residents should be a ‘citywide initiative’ rather than being left to individual council members to make the push.

While no timetable for the camera installations has been determined, Gjonaj is hopeful that they will be installed during the summer.

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