NYPD racks more shootings in month span

NYPD racks more shootings in month span|NYPD racks more shootings in month span
A makeshift memorial rests at the corner of the basketball court in Forest Houses, where mourners light candles.

As one community mourns the latest fatality, 4-year-old Lloyd Morgan of Morrisania, recent NYPD crime stats show shootings skyrocketing in recent weeks.

Official NYPD numbers obtained through outside sources show that through July 22, 74 people were shot over the past 28 days, compared to 56 in the same period last year – a 32.1% jump.

Those include three shootings within six hours in Soundview’s 43rd Precinct earlier this month, including a 16-year-old victim.

Some of those shootings involved more than one victim, with 59 shooting incidents, compared to 46 in the same 28-day period last year – a 28.3% hike.

Some 300 people have been felled by bullets locally so far this year, compared to 261 the same time last year – a 14.9% increase.

While the NYPD lists major crime numbers, including murder and felony assault on its nypd.org website, it does not list non-fatal shootings.

William Cannon, a retired 27-year detective, and now professor of criminal justice at Monroe College, believes the rise in gun violence is linked to a drop in the stop-and-frisk measures – but with a twist.

“Because of the negativity of stop-and-frisk, cops are not stopping people that have a proclivity to possibly having a gun,” he said. “Because of this, the bad guys are still out there.”

He said rookies are afraid to risk careers by a stop-and-frisk incident.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, in a rare response to public criticism that the tactic was racial and a numbers game in a productivity-driven NYPD, initiated some changes to stop-and-frisk.

But support for stop-and-frisk now seems to be turning after the murder of little Lloyd Morgan at Morrisania’s Forest Houses last Sunday. A 17-year-old has been charged in the killing that left two others wounded.

Local assemblyman Eric Stevenson supports stop-and-frisk – with reforms.

State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. said that “If the stop-and-frisk policy can make a difference, then it’s time to support stop-and-frisk.”

Assemblyman Marcos Crespo also supports it – if used “appropriately.”

“The numbers related to stop-and-frisk don’t support the theory that it has been used effectively…or deterred the use of illegal guns,” Crespo said.

Last year, of the 685,724 stops, a total of 768 guns – or a miniscule 0.1% – were recovered.

While still opposed to stop-and-frisk, Councilwoman Helen Foster, still wants a crackdown on guns.

“Put the guns down!” she fumed. “It’s easier to get a gun than it is a can of soda.”

Clergy members have also responded to the rising gun violence.
“Every time I turn around someone’s getting shot, someone’s getting killed,” said an angry Reverend Loren Russell, a minister at Morrisania’s Goodwill Baptist Church.

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Mourners line the perimeter of a basketball court at Morrisania’s Forest Houses, where 4-year-old Lloyd Morgan was killed by a stray bullet.
Photo by Walter Pofeldt

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