Nobodys Pizza shakes up south Bronx’s cuisine scene

Zeus Jiminez serves up a brick oven margherita pie.
Schneps Community News Group/ Alex Mitchell

Nobodys Pizza is way more than just pizza. It’s bringing upscale, modern Italian cuisine to the south Bronx, with it’s own boogie-down accent of flavor.

From the copper basketball hoop hanging over the brick ovens to its brash neon signs and modern art, Nobodys is a game changer for Bronx cuisine.

The urban cucina at 136 Alexander Avenue is the brainchild of entrepreneur Christian Vasquez, an owner of Famous Nobody’s clothing store, just a few doors down at 130 Alexander Avenue. He’s also Lala Anthony’s brother and Carmelo Anthony’s brother-in-law.

So, what exactly is a ‘famous nobody?’

According to Vasquez, the term “represents us all in our pursuit in creating the world around us,” meaning that we are all famous to somebody and all make a difference in our own way.

Although, Nobodys Pizza is always filled with celebrities on top of your average famous nobodys.

From Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis to famed rapper Jadakiss, many a celebrity have sat down for a tasty meal at Nobodys.

Naturally, Carmelo and Lala and frequent diners there as well.

The famous nobodys have seen their own success stories along with the now booming business as well.

Just look at one of the mangers, Zeus Jimenez. Starting as a delivery driver for Nobodys, he quickly worked his way through the ranks, earning his managerial title.

“When deliveries were slow, I would help out with serving, I was so excited just to have a shot to work here and I gave it my all,” Jiminez said. Coming from working at a fish market, his new line of work was definitely an improvement. After some time, when Vasquez and others saw Jiminez’s passion and work ethic, they got him out of his car and on the floor; not long after that he became a manager.

“This place saved my life, I love what I do here,” Jiminez joyfully said over a slice of Nobodys margherita pizza.

Now, Jiminez is a famous nobody that interacts with everybody, including Carmelo Anthony.

“He’s really down to Earth, he comes in has his salad, sometimes wine or a pie, too,” Jiminez said.

More than a stylish lounge that celebrities vibe in, Nobodys has a menu that’s worthy of its own fame.

The brick oven margherita has a sweet, southern Italian taste to itself. Its thin crust makes the pie easy to take down in just three or four bites. The olive oil on the mozzarella is pleasing in taste, but doesn’t overpower the pie. This reporter warns that the consumer is at risk for having eyes bigger than one’s stomach over the delicious pizza.

The restaurant is anything but limited to pizza, though. Jiminez recommends other menu items like chicken parmesan, strip steak, and grilled salmon.

Nobodys also makes a milkshake for the ages.

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Knicks star kristaps Porzingis behind the counter at Nobodys.
Courtesy of Nobodys Pizza

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