New animal shelter proposed for BX

New animal shelter proposed for BX
Members of NYCLASS gathered at Canine Court in Van Cortlandt Park to celebrate the funding of a proposed full-service animal shelter in the Bronx.
Photo courtesy of NYCLASS

A full-service animal shelter could be heading to the Bronx.

Mayor de Blasio set aside $10 million in capital funding in his 2017 Executive Budget for the construction of two new animal shelters.

Local animal rights activists hailed the news which includes plans for a full-service animal shelter inthe Bronx.

The announcement generated excitement among animal lovers in the borough.

Animal advocacy organization NYCLASS, along with Bronx elected officials, believe the proposed Bronx shelter, along with its counterpart in Queens, would increase pet adoptions across the city over the next few years.

The projections showed, that the two new full-service animal shelters would add up to nearly 16,000 pet adoptions in total by 2018, more than doubling this year’s city total of 7,000 adoptions this year.

Having a full-service animal shelter in the borough would also provide animals with medical services that they didn’t have access to before.

“We (NYCLASS) believe that the greatest city in the world deserves a world-class animal shelter system – with full-service shelters in every borough,” said Allie Taylor, executive director of NYCLASS. “These projections show that not only will the new full-service shelters mean better, more humane care for sheltered animals, but they will also help connect more New Yorkers to loving companions. It’s a win-win for animals and for New Yorkers.”

“The creation of a full-service animal shelter in the Bronx is a victory for all who have been pushing for this necessary service in this borough,” said Councilman Richie Torres. “It will ensure our furry friends get the treatment and care they deserve.”

“I am deeply gratified that funding in this year’s budget has been earmarked for the construction of a full-service, city operated animal shelter within the Bronx,” said Councilwoman Annabel Palma.

“I am thrilled that the Bronx will finally be gaining a full-service animal shelter,” said Councilman Fernando Cabrera. “Many of the borough’s residents desire to provide animals with safe homes, and now they will be able to do that without facing a number of obstacles.”

However, not everyone is pleased.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing that a full-service animal shelter is coming to the Bronx, but that also means that each animal in this shelter will not receive as much attention or have as much interaction with the shelter’s trainers,” said Pedro Rosario, owner and founder of New Beginning Animal Rescue, the borough’s only no-kill shelter. “With this new shelter, the clock is ticking for animals to be adopted, and euthanasia may be the end result if the animals aren’t adopted.”

“At our shelter, even if the animals aren’t adopted at least they have a temporary home where they will be attended to in a one-on-one scenario,” Rosario added.

On Tuesday, May 24, NYCLASS, along with Bronx electeds, gathered at Canine Court in Van Cortlandt Park to celebrate the funding of the Bronx animal shelter, which has been the core part of NYCLASS’ agenda for years.

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