Narragansett Avenue experiences odd thefts

A quiet residential street in the Indian Village section of Morris Park has experienced some strange thefts recently, leading neighbors to worry about something on their block that may be attracting scoundrels.

Over the past two weeks, concern has increased on Narragansett Avenue between Rhinelander Avenue and Lakewood Place as everything from adult bicycles that were well-hidden to Halloween decorations have disappeared from the yards of homes on the street.

The rash of thefts appear to be increasing in intensity, and neighbors on the quiet street said that the 49th Precinct is keeping a close watch out in the area, trying to find a link between the what was stolen and something or someone on the block.

“On Friday, October 18, I had three adult bicycles stolen from my backyard,” said one resident of the block, who wished to be identified only as Mike.

“I was concerned because the bicycles were right near my back door.”

The Narrgansett Avenue resident said that he was very pleased with the 49th Precinct’s response to the crime.

“They came right away, and gave me a crime prevention package that helped me tighten things up,” the resident said. “I have been here for 10 years, and I have to say this was the first time anything was stolen from my home.”

Neighbors said that the thefts of the bicycles leads them to suspect that adults were involved, because several children’s bikes that were near those that were stolen were not taken.

Things started disappearing from the block about two weeks ago, when the home of Peter Enea, and several others, had Halloween decoration pilfered from their yards. Another home on the block also had a U.P.S. delivery box taken from its front porch during the same time frame.

“I had $100 worth of Halloween decorations taken from my front yard,” Enea said.

“It was stolen between 10:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m one night. We went to the store, and when we got back, my wife pointed it out to me.”

Enea said that his next-door neighbor also had a pumpkin taken from her home, while another neighbor from the street had some tombstone decorations for Halloween lifted off her front lawn.

“It seems like there is more activity going on,” the resident, Mike, stated. “You wouldn’t know the bikes were there unless you were up close or searching for something big to steal. That is why the police are so concerned, and want to look at things deeply.”

Enea stated that he believed all of the crimes had been reported to the 49th Precinct.

“It is such a nice neighborhood,” said one resident. “Even the police who came to respond said it was usually really quiet. We normally experience this.”

Narragansett Avenue

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