MSQI sees debaters from Bronx schools

Students from the Bronx Debate League who participated in MSQI Tournament 2 with their trophies.
Photo courtesy of the Bronx Debate League

Students from the Bronx recently made their presence known at Middle School Quality Initiative Tournament 2 in Brooklyn, which included a total of 330 debaters. The Bronx was well represented at the MSQI, which included students from Creston Academy, Eagle Academy-Bronx, Highbridge Green School, In-Tech Academy, J.H.S 98, J.H.S. 118, J.H.S. 144, M.S. 101, P.S. 89, Urban Institutes of Math and Yong Scholars Academy of the Bronx, who each participate in the Bronx Debate League. Out of the 26 undefeated teams, nine teams were from the Bronx.

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