Morris Park Community Association

We get what we deserve. We complain in the beauty parlor and the coffee shops but not to the people that can make a difference. If a crime is committed no matter how trivial make the call. Stolen tires, mirrors and bicycles are crimes, report them to 911. It makes a difference in the number of police sent to our precinct.

Landlords who are turning their homes into rooming houses, graffiti, illegal dumping, these are things we can do something about by calling 311. People who are afraid to get involved can call the Morris Park Association. Aware of a drug den or a drug dealer, call the 49th or the MPCA – your information will be strictly confidential.

We are preparing for the association’s Annual Dinner Dance, where you will enjoy a cocktail hour, a sit down dinner and dancing to the music of the band the Projekt.  So join us March 14 at the Marina del Rey. Tickets are $85. Call the Morris Park Community Association at (718) 823 0596 for tickets.

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