Montefiore PA residency program celebrates 50 years

2021_2022 class pic1
The current class and incoming class of Montefiore’s postgraduate surgical residency program.
Photo courtesy Montefiore

The postgraduate Physician Assistant (PA) surgical residency program at Montefiore is celebrating 50 years in 2021.

Established in 1971, it is the oldest program in the country and a place with great history and tradition. It has trained  more than 450 PAs. 

In the program, residents rotate in specialties such as SICU, trauma surgery, general surgery, vascular surgery, CT surgery, minimally invasive surgery, CT surgery, ambulatory surgery, transplant surgery and elective rotations in anywhere from plastic surgery, intervention radiology, ENT, orthopedics and urology, to name a few.

“As we embark on 50 years of our residency, we have graduated 465 ‘Montefiore residency trained’ surgical PAs that practice across the country,” said Ben Philip, chief PA and postgraduate PA surgical residency program director. “With about 80 postgraduate PA residencies now in the nation, everyone in the industry knows that Montefiore set the standard in 1971 and we continue with a reputation of excellence and being the best in training qualified, competent and reliable surgical PAs.”

 There are now 85 program like Montefiore’s across the nation.